NewAccess Gold Coast

Enquire today about NewAccess, a free and confidential mental health coaching program. 

New Access developed by Beyond Blue - Free of charge and No GP Referral required

Developed by Beyond Blue and delivered by Primary and Community Care Services (PCCS) on the Gold Coast, NewAccess is designed to give you the skills to manage everyday life stresses such as work, study, relationships, health or loneliness. The program is confidential and free of charge to you.

Learn more about NewAccess mental health coaching.

Who can enquire?

NewAccess may be right for you if you: 

  • are 12 years or older
  • live on the Gold Coast
  • aren’t currently seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist.

If you’re in crisis, NewAccess may not be right for you. For other support options, talk to your GP or visit Get mental health support.

How do I enquire?

PCCS delivers the NewAccess program on the Gold Coast via face-to-face, phone or video call sessions. To enquire about NewAccess you can:

  • submit an online enquiry
  • call PCCS on 07 3186 4000 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

What will happen after I submit an enquiry?

Within around 2 business days you’ll get a phone call from PCCS.

The caller will answer any questions you have about NewAccess. Calls usually last around 10 minutes.

If you decide NewAccess is right for you, the caller will book you in for your first session.

If it’s not right for you, the caller will help you find more support, such as talking to your GP.

If you miss the phone call  

Keep an eye on your phone after you submit an enquiry. If you miss the call you can contact PCCS.

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Need support now?

We have options to help you, including 24/7 free telephone and online counselling.

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