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Forums / Anxiety / imagining untrue situations?

Topic: imagining untrue situations?

7 posts, 0 answered
  1. Nakka
    Nakka avatar
    39 posts
    22 October 2013
    Heres a question for all you amazing people on this site. 


    Do you find yourselves coming up with crazy ideas in your head?  Coming up with situations that couldn't possibly be true but convincing yourself otherwise, cooking up crazy and untrue thoughts.

    I find myself doing this alot. And it can stem from 1 (ex:a friends in a bad mood its my fault and they hate me) to 5(ex: hotel shampoo in drawer, your cheating) then to 10 (ex: my partner has killed and theirs a body in my back yard)

    After awhile (days..weeks..etc) I will end realizing how crazy I am and laughing.. but at the time it seems so real and believable.. I concoct situations in my head, but why? Because im only hurting myself in the process?

    The smallest thing can set me off on some sort of rampage. .

    I wanted to write some recent detailed examples but after writting I erased as iits just too hard to explain, so lets just stick with my most recent was i was seriously convinced my partner killed,  even looking in my backyard convinced ill find something.  

    I had no reason to think any of these things as true as my partner is in no way like that.. it just stemmed from being anxious and escalated

    I realized after awhile its all in my head but im sick of this ongoing cycle of crazyness.. 

    I dont just think these things though you see, I will mmake anything and everything proof of this (in my head) and be completely convinced.  

    Usally when I get in these "states" no matter where I am or who iI'm with ill run away such as moving house, towns, jobs etc...untill next time

    Oh these "states" can also be convincing myself of good things too


    Aaaaaanyway- just looking for some in site and or others experiences.


    Regards,  Nakka


    Ps.. good side being when I come to my sences I am always able to have a good laugh at my stupidity. :)


  2. The Real David Charles
    The Real David Charles avatar
    1014 posts
    24 October 2013 in reply to Nakka

    Dear Nakka,

    I'm not sure if these crazy thoughts are all bad.   There's a bipolar dog walker that always tell me she's going to win the X factor.  She's been suicidal for a while but the X factor dream somehow keeps her going.

    You might be a bit manic or paranoid but so what ?    A lot of artists or musicians take these states and develope their out of the box moment in to a great piece of work.

    Dead body in the back garden ?  Probably not so "normal" but if you watch enough horror movies it's totally do-able.    It's good that you check and double check as your brain probably needs the "over correction" back to normal land.

    I imagined our door bell ringing last year.   It would be a middle of the night thing - 2am, 4am - and I'd be in enough of a state to answer the door.  We had some litigation at the time and Court Processors would turn up with notes any time and I think I just got jumpy.  (We won the courst case, BTW, so now I don't hear it).  One time is was our older male cat, with a harem of girl cats, looking most put out that my sudden door check had scattered his bevy.  He didn't talk to me ever again.  Well, till breakfast.

    Are these "state" thoughts any more crazy than imagining going to the moon, designing (and building - lots of new techniques) the Sydney Opera House, calling The Pope the Father of the Catholic Church when he is a) not married, and b) has taken a vow of chastity AND only making 1 of the 7 godparents of the latest addition to the Royal Family (courtesy of Will & Kate Inc) a proper Royal and not even inviting your sister "Pippa" ?  Or Princess Anne - the only Royal to have competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and only Olympian at the time NOT to do a blood test to determine gender. 

    Crazyness has a certain scale.  Completely Potty, Stark Raving Mad, A Nutcase/Nutter, Looney (although tactfully used in "Looney Tunes" cartoons), Bonkers and maybe even "Mental".   Stigmas, I know thy name.

    Adios, David.


  3. Jo3
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Jo3 avatar
    2269 posts
    24 October 2013 in reply to Nakka

    Hi Nakka

    I do this quite a bit especially when I am alone in bed at night.  I often "make up" stories and scenarios in my head. Maybe I think I would hope it was true so I could be "rescued" "helped, loved and supported".

    To be honest I feel so ashamed and embarrassed in doing this but its true.

     And then I think what an idiot I am to be even thinking like this


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  4. geoff
    Life Member
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    geoff avatar
    16486 posts
    25 October 2013 in reply to Nakka

    dear Nakka, yes it happens to me but I think that it's my OCD talking to me, for example, I could go to bed and lay there if I can because normally I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow, but then I think that something crazy is in the backyard, so I have to get up and check, or I could be driving and suddenly think that someone is breaking into the house, so I have to turn around and check.

    OCD at it's greatest. L Geoff. x

  5. Nakka
    Nakka avatar
    39 posts
    30 October 2013 in reply to The Real David Charles
    Dear Geoff,  Firstly thank you, your "so what" comment just made me smile :)

    yeah very true, I see how great musicians do it, its such a great relief I throughly enjoy writting music and songs its my form of relief and comfort, just a way to release  bent in emotion.

    Haha yeah the body was crazy, what frustrates me is I go through this panic and belief about things, snap out of it in time yet still hold it in the back of my mind as truth? SSometimes small daily things, sometimes huge to the point of I completely change my life... 

    Wow really?  That must have been frustrating? Awesome about winning :)

    HHaha oh so very true,  you make great points,  thank you David you amazing, and give me hope in thinking I'm not a complete crazy lunatic


  6. Nakka
    Nakka avatar
    39 posts
    30 October 2013 in reply to Jo3
    Hi Jo,

    I truly believe these scenarios I ssomehow come up with as true.

    However I also do as you do, even since i was younger and can remember I have done the same. During tthe day, whilst watching tv, laying in bed also at school when I was younger. I imagine bad things happening to me, things that evoke emotion and pain in me causing attention and love from others, I have been doing since I was about 7 or so, and has just become a normal aspect of my life.

    Dont feel ashamed or embrassed about it because you deserve that love and support you crave.

    Im always here to cchat if you wish. 


    Regards, Nakka

  7. Nakka
    Nakka avatar
    39 posts
    30 October 2013 in reply to geoff
    Heya Geoff.


    Haha yes that darn ocd aye, its no good and can definitely controll lives if people let it.

    Classic, do you also do the standard oven check, lights and doors locked? Gota love it haha 

    Regards, nakka

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