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Forums / Anxiety / Thinking something is going to happen

Topic: Thinking something is going to happen

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  1. SimAly
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    5 posts
    2 January 2017


    i haven't posted before, so here goes. Hoping someone can help me or understands what I'm feeling.

    I'm 35 and I have been suffering anxiety for just over 5 years now and it was bought on after I had my first daughter. I had PND and anxiety bought on by discrimination from my workplace after having my daughter. I moved on and slowly have been fighting this battle. I was good for a while....

    Now the last few months I have had a bad feeling that something Is going to happen. I convinced myself that I was having a stroke after a close relative had a severe stroke. I was taken to hospital for tests by ambulance and after tests and a MRI I was told I was fine. I have numbness around my left side of my mouth and when I have anxiety it gets worse.

    My husband has been diagnosed with a heart condition and I'm finding it hard to keep positive. All I think about is the worst, think how am I going to cope raising 2 small children if something does happen to him. I have also started to think that there is something wrong with both me and my loved ones. If my daughter tells me that she has a pain in her head or arm, I start to get anxiety and think that something going to happen to her. I'm so scared that someone i love is going to die, and I get anxiety and panic. I'm constantly on edge and can't help but think that something bad is going to happen.

    Today I Have bad anxiety and I think that something bad is going to happen, then tonight my daughter wasn't feeling well and I freaked out and I want to cry.

    How can I overcome this? I'm not seeing a psychologist at the moment as money is tight and I can't afford to see one.

  2. CMF
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    9153 posts
    2 January 2017 in reply to SimAly

    Hi SimAly and welcome,

    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling this way and to hear your husband isn't well. I can understand your anxiety and the pressure you are feeling with young children etc. is your husband receiving some treatment for his condition. I do believe once we have perienced anxiety, as you did with your workplace, we become a little more sensitive and fragile. This that we may have been able to handle become stressful and harder to deal with. What sort of info have you been given re your husband (only elaborate if you want to).

    as far as seeing a psychologist goes if you visit your gp I think you can get a referal for 6 free visits even talking to your GP may help. Do you have family and friends for support? It's important you take care of yourself too. B complex vitamins are good for anxiety and look into vitamin B8. It's important you eat well too, as hard as this can be with anxiety. Can someone help with the when you are not feeling so good.

    you have been through a fair bit with pnd, discrimination and now hubby not being well. A visit to your gp would be a good start to get you on the path of looking after yourself also. I do feel for you, I know the anxiety that comes with worrying about losing loved ones. I hope you write back and hope I've been of some help.

    take care

    cmf x

  3. Metoo
    Metoo avatar
    5 posts
    2 January 2017 in reply to SimAly

    Hi SimAly,

    I'm new here too. Bit scary putting it out thete at first isn't it.

    I'm a 47 year Dad to 3, just reading your post struck me as I think I suffer with anxiety, as yet undiagnosed by a professional.

    I do the same, a sense of panic and fear if one of the kids feels ill. I stress when they go near a swimming pool or play park, I constantly imagine the worst, whatever the scenario. In my mind I can make the most innocuous situations seem dangerous.

    I'm thinking of finding a counselor, somebody suggested it on here, perhaps we can just get a referral from our gp.

    I hope you can find a way to speak to someone about this, when I wrote my first post and someone replied, with some really kind words I didn't feel quite so alone, somehow it seemed a bit better.

    It's stressful enough being a parent, adding this sort of complication makes it infinitely harder. I'm so sorry to hear your husband has been diagnosed with a heart condition, it sounds like your dealing with a lot at the moment.

    I'm going to investigate counselors and the costs associated with them, or if there's some sort of community based service, I'll let you know how I get on.

    Good to see you found this forum and found the courage to put what your feeling out there. Hopefully someone with far bettter knowledge and experience than me will point us both in a better direction.

    Take care for now.


  4. CMF
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    9153 posts
    2 January 2017 in reply to Metoo

    Hi Pete,

    Welcome. Sorry to hear you are going through this also. I think we replied to SimAly at the same time😊.

    I'm pretty sure if you visit your GP you can go on a 'Mental Health Care Plan' which gives you 6 visits to a counsellor for free or at a heavily reduced cost.

    I too have worried about my children. 2 of them are teenagers now and 1 a preschooler but I still feel anxious if I see them ill or suffering. I guess as parents some of us do this but we need to manage it so we can be there for our kids. GP is a good start, bcomplex vitamins and a healthy diet/exercise.

    hope this helps.

    cmf x

  5. Metoo
    Metoo avatar
    5 posts
    2 January 2017 in reply to CMF

    Hi cmf,

    I'd read your previous post and was already 'googling' the vitamin b8.

    I'm going to look into a counselor too. Thanks for taking the time to reply, hope things are good with you.


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  6. geoff
    Life Member
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    geoff avatar
    16230 posts
    3 January 2017 in reply to SimAly
    hi Aly, having these intensive and reoccurring feelings by anxiety could be related to OCD and by having 'intrusive thoughts' which is what happens qwith this type of anxiety, google OCD intrusive thoughts and see what you think.
    You could also ask your doctor and/or psychologist about this but please get back to us after you have read about it.
    There is an enormous file regarding this on BB which so many people are suffering from. Geoff.
  7. SimAly
    SimAly avatar
    5 posts
    3 January 2017 in reply to CMF

    Hi Cmf,

    thank you for replying. It's a bit scary and it's just getting a bit too much. My husband has been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, I don't know much about it at this stage because I wasn't able to go see his specialist with him, but he has another checkup in feb. when I check google I freak out and so my husband has banned me from google for my own good.

    I keep thinking that he is just going to collapse and I'm so worried that I'll be alone and can't live without him raising the kids. Finding someone is difficult as I haven't got much time to myself or find someone available on the days I am available. I just am constantly scarred of what is going to happen.

  8. SimAly
    SimAly avatar
    5 posts
    4 January 2017 in reply to Metoo

    Hi Pete,

    Thank you for replying. I'm also going to try to get a mental health plan, I'm not coping very well at the moment. My 2 kids are a handful and when I'm feeling anxious I feel like I am not paying as much attention to them as I should.

    How have you gone searching for a counsellor? I haven't had the chance to call someone or make an appointment with my doctor but I'll try to do that as soon as I can.

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