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Topic: Friends Cafe - social space for members under 25

  1. spoph
    spoph avatar
    22 posts
    20 April 2021 in reply to jumpy jellyfish :-]
    hey jelly, thats good :) im glad that school was better than you thought it was going to be. Im kind of struggling actually. I just dont know if it is worth it for me to continue doing school. I feel like maybe i should just drop out. Or maybe i should just get over it and continue. I dont know, but for all the ways that schools promote mental health support, they are the main cause of my mental anguish in the first place. maybe im just being stupid, but my brain seems to betray me, and i cant control it.
  2. jumpy jellyfish :-]
    jumpy jellyfish :-] avatar
    272 posts
    23 April 2021 in reply to spoph

    hey spoph, sorry for the late response. im sorry your struggling at school it sounds like things have been pretty tough... i agree with you - schools always try and say 'if your struggling go talk to this person, do this do that' but then the stresses they put on us all... and they wonder why so many young people struggle with their mental health.

    i dont think you should 'just drop out'... but that also doesnt mean you have to 'just get over it'... things might be rough right now but in the end, its worth it. im sorry if this isnt helpful if you dont believe this right now, but its the stuff you dont believe when you're struggling that often means the most value... you also aren't being stupid at all, your feelings are perfectly, 100% valid no matter what. you are allowed to struggle and allowed to voice that. its okay not to be okay. but you will get through it even if its hard xx

  3. hanging_in_there
    hanging_in_there  avatar
    4 posts
    1 May 2021
    Hello, is anyone here?
  4. jumpy jellyfish :-]
    jumpy jellyfish :-] avatar
    272 posts
    3 May 2021 in reply to hanging_in_there

    sorry haven't been around the forums much but here now if you want to chat :)

  5. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    8 May 2021
    hello all. i haven't been on here much either, i come and go off the forums. i'm around currently though if anyone is up to chatting.
  6. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    15 May 2021
    is anyone around?
  7. jumpy jellyfish :-]
    jumpy jellyfish :-] avatar
    272 posts
    17 May 2021 in reply to Missing user
    have been on the forums pretty sparsely lately but im here now if you are and wanna chat :)
  8. spoph
    spoph avatar
    22 posts
    21 May 2021 in reply to jumpy jellyfish :-]
    I havnt been on much lately either, how is everyone going? you guys ok?
  9. Maddiethepine
    Maddiethepine avatar
    1 posts
    3 August 2021


    It's so great to meet you all. My name is Maddie and I am a first-year university student studying psychology and justice. I completed my final year with COVID disruptions and a completely new system in 2020. If there are any current high school students in that boat, feel free to respond! I can share my experience or tips in tackling the current changes you may be experiencing. In addition, I'm keen to hear and learn from you all.

    Have a great day!

    1 person found this helpful
  10. rosa-rose
    rosa-rose avatar
    4 posts
    5 August 2021 in reply to Maddiethepine
    Hi Maddie!! My name is Cini and I'm planning to study Psychology (or Social Work) next year.. Congratulations on getting through your final year despite all the disruptions of COVID.

    I'm currently on a gap year between High School and University.. and have been working to save up on funds to support me when I do go to Uni... my dream is to work in a position where I can help people learn the importance of taking care of themselves and their mental health.. even if it isn't necessarily as a psychologist.

    I wish you the best with Uni, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you and others.
  11. HamSolo01
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    HamSolo01 avatar
    886 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to rosa-rose

    Hi all !

    How are you?
    Been a while since I was on this thread

  12. viac
    viac avatar
    9 posts
    12 August 2021
    hi! how is everyone going? there's been some pretty nice weather recently :)
  13. ahw309
    ahw309 avatar
    164 posts
    14 August 2021 in reply to viac


    I was just doing some research for an assignment I have due tomorrow (whoops haha) on the beyond blue website and remembered the forums and thought I would see how it was going. I used to go on this thread every once in a while but I haven't for a few years - I think since 2017! It would be nice to see it active again :)

    I also studied psychology at university (finished last year - I'm old now hahaha) so it's nice to see some fellow psych students/prospective psych students. Maddie, I can't imagine going through year 12 (or first year uni) through all the COVID disruptions, it must have added a lot of extra stress to the whole experience!

    viac, not sure where you're from, but there has also been some pretty nice weather recently for me too! It's definitely warming up and it feels great :) Although it's a bit of a shame that I can't really go out and enjoy it much because of lockdown (guess which state I am in haha).

    Hope everyone is going okay and nice to meet you!

  14. robthomaslover
    robthomaslover avatar
    332 posts
    7 January 2022

    hello all. this thread hasn't been active for a while, but i thought i'd say hello.

    - tayla

  15. robthomaslover
    robthomaslover avatar
    332 posts
    17 March 2022
    hello all. just browsing threads and found this one again.
  16. Lyss123
    Lyss123 avatar
    2 posts
    28 March 2022

    Hello everyone

    im new here so I hope eveyone is having a good day. So I’ve been struggling with relationship anxiety for a few weeks now. I keep worrying about our future and worrying that something bad will happen. I can’t shake this thought and I’m losing sleep over it. My boyfriend is very supportive of my mental health and takes the time to listen and support me as much as he can

    I guess I’m reaching out to see if anyone else suffers from relationship anxiety and anxiety about the future and have any tips or strategies that can help me and maybe some other people out

    Have a great day everyone:)

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