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Forums / BB Social Zone / When music heals

Topic: When music heals

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  1. Here2Talk
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    276 posts
    21 September 2021

    Some lines from a band I love - A Day Remember:

    ”All I want is a place to call my own
    To mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone
    Whoa, you know to keep your hopes up high and your head down low”

    i think a lot of people on this forum would resonate with this????

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  2. smallwolf
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    6201 posts
    23 September 2021 in reply to Here2Talk

    Hi. Good topic. And the lyrics! :)

    I won't post any lyrics here. At least just yet. For myself, the lyrics that speak to me most are those which reflect the mood I am in.

  3. mmMekitty
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    3487 posts
    3 October 2021 in reply to Here2Talk

    I'm not sure if music heals anything for me.

    Earlier, when I was young, I struggled expressing some emotions, feeling they were unacceptable, and so, must be not permitted. I sang the words of others, I acted the emotions of their songs. That was my safe way to be angry, sad, hurt, confused, not liking life, so much...

    I have enjoyed Toni Childs, and Tori Amos, for some songs which helped e express some specific anger. Really good for that. They're not really the music I would prefer, but for the attitude, expression and power, I think they are great. Tori also has some very sad sounding songs, as does Joni Mitchell. Some feel so personal to me I'll cry when I try to sing them at certain times. I love that some people seem able to match up with my feelings so well. I have felt my feelings to be validated by people I don't even know, unlike my own family.

    I can't sing as I once did. Plus I am better now at expressing my feelings more directly. I write, but not songs so far. (Love to do that!) I have painted, too.

    Now, I have this glitchy app on my phone, 'Garage Band'. I use the piano. I haven't figured how to use all the editing features, but I don't care much, because I play it so inaccurately anyway. I do, however, find I tap into or open up some emotions. Or what I play 'accidently' fits my mood.

    Whether or not this 'music' is 'healing' is not a question I think I need to answer. I don't think it is damaging me, and I enjoy the little noise I create, (no, not loud - I can't do this loud. I actually could sing loud, but, when doing other things I fear making noise.)


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