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Forums / Depression / Am I depressed or just being pathetic?

Topic: Am I depressed or just being pathetic?

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. ONM
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    2 posts
    2 June 2013

    I feel like I'm a happy person but over the past two years I have been getting sadder and sadder and find that sometimes I lose my shit I cry and actually feel physically ill for what exactly I can't put my finger on. W maybe behind in bill payments or my daughter may be being naughty or I look in the mirror and I can't stand what I see, I feel like a failure and I have a lot of guilt of the situation we are in. I maybe be fine one week then super crazy sad the next. I'm up and down all the time. I've just started to tell my husband how I'm feeling, he wants me to get help he is very loving and caring and even putting him through this makes me sick. I feel embarrassed of the way I feel and what is am putting my family hard is it to do the next step and get professional I need it? Or am I just being silly? Please help me.

  2. ModeratorA
    ModeratorA avatar
    28 posts
    5 June 2013 in reply to ONM

    Dear ONM, what ever it is that is going on for you , whatever you want to call it, it is causing you some problems. How you feel in yourself, how you are feeling toward your family and  how you are relating to them.  It is great that you have told your husband how you are going. He is  right on the money, it is worth getting some help. 

    There is no reason to feel embarrassed, you are not alone. 

    You have already taken the first step in getting some help by reaching out here in this forum. Well done! Many forum members have posted at one time or another about feeling embarrassed or worried about seeking help. They are common concerns people have. Remember anyone you go and see will keep things confidential.

    Make an appointment with your GP- that is a great next step. With the right help things don't have to stay the way they feel now, they will improve.

    Let us know how you go,

    the moderators.

  3. ONM
    ONM avatar
    2 posts
    5 June 2013 in reply to ModeratorA

    Thankful for the Feedback, I went to the doctors yesterday with my husband I almost walked out I cried the whole time but my husband spoke for me and explained what was happening and when I got my head around things and realised they doctor was on my side my embarrassment slowly lifted. I have been placed on medication for month I started this morning the doctor told me I must finish the course for a positive outcome after the month is over I will see him again and we will go from there. Thank you for your post

  4. geoff
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    15561 posts
    6 June 2013 in reply to ONM

    dear ONM, a couple of things, doctors see a lot of people who need medication for depression, because we seem to live in a depressed world, it's always a struggle for the majority of people, and I suppose the richest woman in the world would probably get depressed if she loses a billion dollars.

    The other important fact is that your husband went with you to your doctor's appointment, and this means that he wants you to get better, and is supporting you, and that's great. L Geoff. x

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