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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Coping with anniversaries.

Topic: Coping with anniversaries.

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  1. Slipperyfish
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    7 December 2020


    Just after some advice on how to deal with anniversaries as they come around. It’s 3 years tomorrow since I was sexually assaulted and over the past weeks my stress and anxiety has been taking over. I also keep dissociating and am having really horrid body memories and flash backs. So I don’t like to sleep either. I know I have many tools I can use to try and get through this time safely, but once I’m upset I find it hard to remember anything I’ve learned. I feel a bit like going insane. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Ggrand
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    8 December 2020 in reply to Slipperyfish

    Hello Slipperyfish..

    Im sorry what you went through 3 years ago...and your struggling with flashbacks and dissociation..

    I have a sexual assault anniversary and a couple more anniversaries, I try hard to get through without letting them take over my day..

    I try to distract my thoughts the best I can on those days, by trying to put my mind onto something else to think trying to find things I like to do for, Internet games, jigsaws, listening to audio books...or staying with a friend throughout that day...doing something nice for yourself on that day....

    I don’t like sleeping..because of waking up with my heart running so fast and in a sweat...I told my Counsellor about them last Thursday and she said she will tell me next visit how to overcome them....I will share here on your post after I see her next..but it won’t be until the new year...

    I’m sorry it’s taken until your anniversary for you to get a reply....Please Dear Slipperyfish...If you’re feeling up to it and feel like talking, please let me know how you’re feeling...there’s no pressure to reply..

    My kindest and most caring thoughts..


  3. Guest_1643
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    9 December 2020 in reply to Ggrand

    hey Slipperfish -

    how are u doing? i'm so sorry you are feeling triggered by the anniversary. Totally understable, too. Sometimes we need someone to remind us to put the strategies in place. Of course it's obvious and logical we need to do them - but tell that to our traumatised and scared brain - the strategies can easily go out the window.
    I would recommend calling 1800 RESPECT to discuss how you are youfeeling over the anniversay and they may have some ways to remind you to be in your body an try the stragies. Stay safe, Slipperyfish.

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