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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Psychiatrist visit

Topic: Psychiatrist visit

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  1. NoHope8
    NoHope8 avatar
    5 posts
    12 September 2020

    Hi there,

    I tried a psychiatrist...first time in 15 years or so..after many psychologists...and I'm trying to digest her. She offered no smile, no welcome,...stony face...she asked good questions....and went into childhood...not quite what I wanted to deal with... I wanted to deal with losing my children...but thats fine and's all interconnected.... I'm just unsure whether I can stomach going to someone who won't connect with me...I tried small talk afterward and she just said it sounds like you are trying to get my approval...fair call...I was trying to relate...I don't this normal...I just felt disapproved of...or judged. Probably my paranoia I'm sure... I just felt nothing except a stone wall ... I just wonder where she is going and whether I can cope with that stony face again, there was no real goodbye, have a nice day...just nothing. It's hard enough for me to talk through everything I have had to go's very complex and tiring...

  2. Ggrand
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    12 September 2020 in reply to NoHope8

    Hello NoHope8..

    A very warm welcome to the forums...

    Well done in reaching out to a psychiatrist...I’m sorry she was so cold towards you...and you didn’t feel a connection..My psychiatrist is also a bit on the cold side, but I don’t have to see him unless my support workers feel I need a meds adjustment....Last time he made a comment that really hurt me..My support worker was with me and noticed my change..he then apologised and I put it down to he was so busy that day....even so..he should have been more caring towards me..

    I think in my opinion to give her another try and if she is still the same..then if you could, maybe try to find anyone that has more compassion...You need to be comfortable enough to trust her with what you disclose to her....

    I went through a few psychologist that I felt judged even cancelled my appointments after I disclosed something..I felt the judgment after I disclosed it...Now I have a very caring councillor..who understands me and is helping me without judgment...

    NoHope...Maybe you might need to look around and try a few different psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist until you find one you can connect to....

    talk here anytime..we are here for you, and will try our best to help you..

    Sending my kind and caring wishes to you..


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  3. NoHope8
    NoHope8 avatar
    5 posts
    13 September 2020 in reply to Ggrand
    Thank you for your thoughtful, kind response. I really appreciate it :-)

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