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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Devorce, Anxiety and Poorly treated

Topic: Devorce, Anxiety and Poorly treated

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  1. Guest_3265
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    3 posts
    21 April 2018


    So I’m going to say this as short as possible. I’ve had a really hard life. My parents devorce when I was 1, step mum treats me like dirt, so much that it is child abuse, my dad doesn’t realise what she’s doing, my mum doesn’t have much money so we have to do a lot to do little things, I’ve feel anxiety a lot, having a fight in my head about my sexuality and I’m not coping. I’m always over thinking and wherever I go I don’t feel safe. I’m probally too young to be on this website (13) but I just need some help/ideas about what to do. My parents got divorced when the south Australian government decided to make children go to each house 50/50 and my dad thinks it’s in concrete so I feel trapped, like I can’t go anywhere. To make things worse, my dad doesn’t cook, so half of my life I’ve been getting rice crackers for lunch every day. So if you know what to do please let me know. Ps: I’m new and don’t know how to add “young people” to the topic

  2. marcus_c
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    92 posts
    23 April 2018 in reply to Guest_3265
    Hi Isaacwotwot, doesn't sound like things are too good right now. Have you heard of Kids Helpline? You can google them, they have a phone line and an online chat that would be really helpful to give you some advice. You're mentioning abuse and that is really worrying, it would be a good idea to talk to a professional to get some proper advice on that and what you can do.

    It sounds like you're under a lot of stress and things are better at your mums than at your dads. I can understand why you'd be feeling anxious when it comes time to go and stay at your dads. And feeling unsure about your sexuality in the middle of all that, wow.

    Sometimes talking about what's going on can be helpful. Hopefully you can come back and use this thread for getting out some of your feelings and we can talk some more.
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  3. stormcloudz
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    341 posts
    3 May 2018 in reply to Guest_3265

    Hi Isaacwotwot

    I like your name!

    It's tough having so much on your plate, but I think the worst is never feeling safe. This is a good, safe place where you can let off steam and tell us what's going on for you.

    You asked what to do - I think the first step is getting some more support, and the Kids Helpline mentioned above is a good place to start. There's also the Headspace centres, which are for people 12-25 - just google and you'll find them.

    I don't know if you are still watching your post, but if you are - what bothers you the most on your list? And is there stuff that makes you feel happier?

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  4. Guest_3265
    Guest_3265 avatar
    3 posts
    4 May 2018 in reply to stormcloudz

    Thanks guys, that’s probally a good idea... things aren’t getting slightly better, but then as soon as you think they are, it turns terrible. So glad I can just let off some steam here 😂 probably 2 things that bothers me both on the list are:

    1: a lot of stress. This can be hard, a specially when you have a lot to think about.

    2: food issues. When I get older I want to be a dancer & Horse rider. Both of these things takes core strength and energy meaning I need food, and when there’s nothing that I can eat, well it’s frustrating. When my step brother (16) gets home he gets as much food as he wants. And as for me... well let’s put it like this: I still the scraps... anyway thanks for replying, you’ve helped a lot knowing that there are other people looking out for you.

    thanks! Isaacwotwot

    ps ive had the name since I was 7

  5. stormcloudz
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
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    341 posts
    4 May 2018 in reply to Guest_3265

    Good to hear from you again Isaacwotwot!

    Yes, you can definitely let off steam here : )

    That was interesting reading about the things that bother you most.

    Yep, too much stress wears you down. Sometimes I have found relaxation stories on youtube are good, if you have access to youtube you could look up The Honest Guys relaxation (there is one about wolves!). Do you have ways of dealing with stress?

    I see what you mean about needing core strength to be a dancer and/or horse rider (which both sound great BTW). Is the problem that there is not enough food in the house, or that no-one has made a meal from the food in the house (if you see what I mean!). I can understand why either would be frustrating!

    Post anytime and let us know how you are going. You are right, sometimes things settle down and then go bad - you don't have to wait for things to be bad to chat to Headspace, it's kind of good to know them already when things get tough, so don't feel you have to wait if they sound helpful.

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