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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / HIV dentist panic

Topic: HIV dentist panic

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. justinok
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    151 posts
    18 July 2014

    OK, so with so much ignorance out there already, and being an HIV poz guy, the story this week about the dentist in Victoria really got to me. Don't know how many people heard it but itwas all over the news. The healthcare authorities went nuts and sent hundreds of people for tests because they had been "in contact" with a dentist who was poz. They had interviews on the news with all these worried people in the street, and it made my blood boil.

    Unless the guy (or girl) was having sexual contact with the patients or injecting blood directly into your veins, there is no way any of these people would have been at risk.  People like me still have to keep their status a secret because ignorant people think they can catch it off me by sharing a cup or having me touch them, and to have something like this happen where a health authority is helping spread the ignornace, is really upsetting.  As if we don't feel enough like lepers already.


  2. AGrace
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    1214 posts
    19 July 2014 in reply to justinok

    I completely understand where you're coming from. It's also very courageous for you to speak up about how this issue of ignorance impacts you on a personal level. One day we'll live in a world without divide. When I heard this story on the radio I was rather dumbfounded. Sure precautions needed to be implemented but could this not have been done individually with the patients involved rather than being broadcasted to all?

  3. Amelbourneboy
    Amelbourneboy avatar
    27 posts
    20 September 2014

    I once lived in the town that this happened in. I think the towns folk are more shocked that we "gays" walk amongst them.  The complete and utter stupidity of the panic was only made worse by the media. The poor dentist involved now has a whole town know  he is HIV infected and the entire country!

    While i understand the policys in place are for the proctection of people I wonder why this story even needed to be placed on the air!! No one was infected, there is a such a tiny tiny risk involved. it felt like a public shaming. Thats why thoughts anyway... p.s if you ever in the town, best kababs!

  4. justinok
    justinok avatar
    151 posts
    22 September 2014 in reply to Amelbourneboy

    Thanks, I really feel for the dentist as well. On the other side of the equation, I hate going to the dentist and getting the question asking about my HIV status.  These days, I lie about it because in the past when I've said yes, suddenly appointments aren't available or they stick you at the very end of the day and there's plastic all over the chair. 

  5. Amelbourneboy
    Amelbourneboy avatar
    27 posts
    22 September 2014 in reply to justinok

    Hi Justin,

    Its sad to think that in todays "day and age" we still have small minded professionals. Personally it wouldnt bother me on the status of my dentist. (im neg) . I would hope all instruments are sterile anyway, and although a little uneducated myself, i tend not to have sexual relationships with my dentist so im guessing the risks are extremly low.


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