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Topic: coronavirus

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  1. car10001
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    12 December 2021


    just have a small concern about high coronavirus as am living in a small house thats not big enough to quarantine separate or not be affected because of a house member if either they or you come into close contact with a positive case or someone gets sick and goes to get a test and has to isolate.

    reason for feeling that the current home even though am happy living there isnt suitable for me to either not suffer because of a house member if they get sick or come into close contact and have to isolate or for me to isolate separate from members because either coming into close contact or getting sick which is unlikely without facing extended quarantine all because you couldnt isolate seperate because of house not being setup properly is because am at a age and point in life where am wanting own space and independence and to be able to isolate separate from other house members if coming into close contact so you dont have to take chance and face extension because you couldnt isolate separate or not suffer because of a household member because you would have another building wether it was on same property or had your own part time place to start with and wouldnt be living in same building as the others plus itd have a kitchen and bathroom.

    you probably already know that if someone in your house has to isolate the rest are supposed to (thats how it used to work) unless you can separate even if on same property wether the isolator separates or you separate so you either dont have to do it as well or dont have to take chance and face extension because you werent able to separate.

    you probably already know also that if someone in your house quarantines and isolates at home that the isolator or others should try stay elsewhere for duration or be prepared to do it as well and possibly face more than required time if you cant separate.

    also get concerned because of living with a person thats known to get sick and you never know if or when they have to get a test and because you live there particularly because you share the same amenities with that person and dont have your own self contained space it affects you and youre also at a point where youre wanting your own self contained space and somewhere to quarantine separate in event you need to without facing extension.

    am in no hurry to get out current home just want to get shed space sorted and somewhere to have own space and to have people over

  2. On The Road
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    272 posts
    13 December 2021 in reply to car10001

    Hi, car10001

    thanks for sharing your concerns. I think I can resonate with this because I'm also worried about this situation especially in the coming Christmas and New Year that many people travel and move around. It can be of hassle for us when we are asked to queue and get tested and get isolated. Having a small space for ourselves and inviting people over is what I want ideally at the moment, but it is not easy especially in this difficult time.

    Please feel free to share more, Stay safe and have a good holiday. finger crossed everything go smooth!

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