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Topic: Facebook and Friends

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  1. SwansandSharksMan
    SwansandSharksMan avatar
    13 posts
    7 September 2020

    I have always had a policy in my Facebook life of not having any work colleagues as Facebook friends. I have just always wanted to keep work and personal life separate.

    Does anyone else believe in this?

    Lately, I have been thinking of breaking this rule?

    As I am working from home and not seeing my colleagues as often, I was thinking of adding work colleagues to my facebook?

    What are the pitfalls to this? Small things like finding out a group at work went out and didn't invite you etc?

    My boss's job almost borders on HR and she has said she cannot have certain people at work as facebook friends.

    My wife is a teacher and cannot have students. She has to have a false name so she cannot be found by students.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Emmen
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    388 posts
    7 September 2020 in reply to SwansandSharksMan

    Hello SwansandSharksMan,

    I add work colleagues on Facebook, but depending on how close I am to them, I do restrict what they can see on my profile. I find it hard to not accept their friend requests since I don't want to offend them, so restricting what they can see has worked well for me.

    Pitfalls, like you say, can be the hurt from knowing about groups at work going out without you, but on the flipside, at least you'll know what's going on at the workplace.

    It's a tough one - I know people who add without any concern and others who (like your wife) have false names. Ultimately it'd depend on the person and their own comfort levels.


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  3. SwansandSharksMan
    SwansandSharksMan avatar
    13 posts
    10 September 2020 in reply to Emmen

    Thanks M

    Good insight.

  4. Wishes
    Wishes avatar
    30 posts
    10 September 2020 in reply to SwansandSharksMan
    Hi SwansandSharksMan!

    I think if lately, you've been considering breaking your rule of not adding work friends, it would be worthwhile questioning why?

    Are there particular people you'd like to keep in contact with? Especially during the pandemic? Are you wanting to set up an event with your close work friends? I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you don't necessarily have to friend your entire work team, but maybe you can see how adding your closest work colleague goes and then decide whether you're willing to make that further connection with others.

    Facebook is great because of its restrictions and selectivity, so you can always change your mind or ignore friend requests so it doesn't seem 'overtly' rude!

    Hope this sparks some thought.

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