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Forums / Staying well / Help - tips for travelling overseas

Topic: Help - tips for travelling overseas

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. Guest_2350
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    589 posts
    5 September 2015

    Good morning,

     I am in my final preparation for a 4 week trip to Europe and I am getting increasingly worried about losing my support network here, not seeing my GP and psych and losing my daily routine - I struggle when I lose my daily routine and everyday will be different and challenging for me when away. I have depression and C-PTSD and I will actually face a few trigger places when abroad, which freaks me out as well.

    It is a trip of a life time and actually something to look forward to and I would like to do as much as I can to make it a pleasant exprience for myself and everyone around me. I am talking to the psych and GP but feel like time is running out...

    What has helped you to prepare & get through it with a smile?

     Thanks, Yggy

  2. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    5 September 2015 in reply to Guest_2350

    Yggy, sounded like you are well prepared for your trip. Just to let you know that It is quite natural to experience last minutes anxiety. 

     Have you ask your GP and psych if it is ok to ring or skype with them? Are you travelling alone or with a guided tour group? I am familiar with PTSD but not sure what is C- PTSD?

     My tip is to be well prepared for your trigger places ie if you are travelling with friend/s, make sure that they will support you, come what may. And, whatever you do, make sure you take it easy and have plenty of rests in between times. Do not be afraid to say 'no' when ypu are feeling overwhelm.

     Not sure, if I am the right person to give ypu tips as I am reaching out for support in the midst of my travel. On the other hand, four months is a long time, so I think I did pretty good until recently, when I allowed things to get on top of me.

  3. Guest_2350
    Guest_2350 avatar
    589 posts
    5 September 2015 in reply to Guest_9466

    Hello MorningGlory,

    I saw your post, but I was not sure what to answer - apart from "Hope you feel better soon & enjoy the rest of your trip!" I think your post is what I am worried about.

    I am struggling to open up to people, I guess I will have to talk at least to my husband before the trip about my worries. I don't know how to. We are travelling in a large group, that worries me as well, as I need my own space. I will ask my GP and psych at my next visit about talking to them while I am away - thanks, I think that might be good - do you do that?

    Good luck for the remainder of your journey, Yggy x

  4. Sparkles183
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    265 posts
    5 September 2015 in reply to Guest_2350

     Hi Yiggy I can list many as I been overseas many of times here is just a few I can think of this morning.

    1) if you take meds, make sure you  bring plenty so you don't run out.

    2) this goes for everyone but I am the biggest advocate for it make sure you have travel insurance. 

    3) have some one supportive you can talk to if you are ever feeling down. 

    4) just because u are over seas does not mean you leave your coping strategies at home. Go for a walk if you need too.

    5) tell your dr and psychologist before you go.

    6) don't try to do too much at once schedule some me time in to rest and unwind. Even if it means missing an activity or two.

    7) be kind to your self.

    8) bring lots of chocolate.

    9) try not to focus to much of illness but focus on the good time you are having.

    10) have plenty of rest, and make sure you don't miss out on to much sleep.

    and the most important one I can think of is  enjoy and have fun.....

     take care...




  5. Guest_9466
    Guest_9466 avatar
    90 posts
    5 September 2015 in reply to Guest_2350


    I have been abroad several times, however, this is the longest I have been away.  No, I didn't think to arrange to contact my psych and GP whilst away. I didn't anticipate that I needed to as I coped rather well, before.

     Last year, I travelled for three months, independently as well as travelling solo. Looking back I believe I did rather well, so with hubby as my travel companion for this trip I thought I should do much better. And, we did ok. 

     What went topsy turvy for me was when our daughter joined us for two weeks in Scotland. It was great having her but it also meant having to make further adjustment for an extra person. By then, hubby and I had it down pat, how we travelled and coped in rather confined spaces most of the time but with an added person, it rather throws a spanner in the works.

    The other trigger point for me is the weather. The reason why I chose to travel at this time of the year is to escape our winter but travelling in Scotland is like being back home in winter. Whilst the highland is beautiful, the cities are less so, especially, when it rained quite constantly. 

     Another trigger was eating out all the time. By then, I was sick of paying top money for eating bland food and would dearly have love to indulge in home cooking which is impossible whilst staying in hotels or bed and breakfast. Next time, I would choose service apartment or stay in air bnb. 

    The fourth trigger point is that I do try to keep up with what is happening in terms of current affairs both in Australia and globally. Bad mistake as I allowed myself to become simply overwhelmed by 'bad' news.

     So, it pays to know our triggers and managed these as best as we can. Good luck and Happy travelling.


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