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Forums / Staying well / Little List of Goals

Topic: Little List of Goals

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  1. Pontius
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    16 posts
    30 August 2015


    I have found that writing a list of goals (they don't have to be big things, just small things that you want to achieve) can be really helpful. Then you keep that list where you can get it if you want to and look at it so you can see all the things you want to achieve in life. You don't have to stick it on the fridge where everyone can see you goals, you can keep it somewhere and work through it quietly and privately. I just find this useful because then you can see what you want to achieve and it has made me think twice about quitting.

    This has been useful for me (as well as keeping a Gratitude Diary where you write what you are grateful for each day). I hope it might be useful for you too. :)


  2. Sawyer
    blueVoices member
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    56 posts
    30 August 2015 in reply to Pontius

    Hi Pontius,

    I 100% agree with you. Taking time out from the negative things in our lives to focus on what we are grateful for and our goals is a very positive and empowering form of treatment. Some of the most simple cognitive exercises can be the most effective when we are struggling with either a mental illness or just in general (the ones you have mentioned are very in line with a modern positive psychology approach). 



  3. Narniakid
    Valued Contributor
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    348 posts
    30 August 2015 in reply to Pontius

    Hey Pontius! Thanks for sharing!

    I definately agree with you - research has shown that productivity and motivation increases by up to 50% when you set clear goals. 

    I am a visual person, so instead of a list, I have a mood board (search this on Pinterest for some good ideas) next to my desk, and it's covered in bits out of magazines, quotes, photos of loved ones, places I want to go, funny pictures and anything else that inspires me. I find it makes not only a nice piece of decoration, it's really helpful when I'm stuck and I need a good reminder as to why I am working so hard.


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