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Forums / Staying well / When all is lost....what can you do? Be radical?

Topic: When all is lost....what can you do? Be radical?

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    24 May 2019 in reply to white knight

    Recently I embarked upon a project to get a rotunda built in a park in our town. Our small town doesn't have any shelter. School children and cyclists caught in poor weather have no protection.

    After consulting the council I was told to put my proposal to a local body, a committee of sorts that would look at it. That sparked a huge backlash unbeknown to be for some time, in that the committee had plans of their own of where precious funds would be spent on projects they had already in the planning. But none of that was information given to me.

    In the end I bypassed the committee and put my proposal direct to a council meeting. The project was approved and the building (albeit smaller) was built however prior to it being built I was subjected to harassment my committee members that used road blocks to delay the building.

    At that point I recalled this "be radical" thread and my theory of it. To, when confronted with issues that bog our minds down, to think and do a radical step.

    In this case I'd achieved what I set out to do- get the building approved. That I wasn't responsible for not be privy to information the committee withheld from me eg their projects. That I wasn't responsible for poor attitudes.

    So, in light of that I decided to withdraw totally from the project (which has been completed now) and smother myself in self appreciation for achieving it. Be civil to the committee members regardless of the mood that simmers in the town and let time heal. Since then, some months ago the issue has drifted away everywhere.

    Being radical in action sometimes works well. Don't be afraid of rejecting criticism base don poor communication skills of others. Be confident you are doing what you believe is best and be aware that many, yes many, in the community don't have your interests at heart...


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