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Forums / Staying well / When You May Need These Words

Topic: When You May Need These Words

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. phoenixstone
    phoenixstone avatar
    13 posts
    12 September 2015

    When the light isn't bright enough to lead the way,
    when not enough sorries can keep the hurt at bay,
     when there's not enough strength to step out of bed,
     when so many voices threaten to fill the head,
     when the clock on the wall haunts the inner ear,
     when scars are a reminder that death is always near,
     when not enough words can change a frown,
     when the world threatens to make the up become the down,
     when friend's offers always seem to fall on you,
     when smiling becomes your soul's greatest taboo,
     when the phone rings and it isn't who you desire,
     when someone's around your solitude lights on fire,
     when your heart is sick of fighting with willpower's fists,
     when not enough positives fill your empty lists,
     when hope has fled from you to a place unknown,
     and when darkness creeps to turn your life to stone,
     read these words to yourself is all that I'll ever ask.  

    Let them surround you and comfort you for that is their task,
     may these words bring you hope from a place unknown,
     may these words split the darkness that brought the stone,
     may these words let your heart rest as it lifts its fists,
     may these words delete the negatives that fill your lists,
     may these words call you and bring about desire,
     may these words be with you as your companion's fire,
     may these words bring offers that are suitable for you,
     may these words be a smile filled with laughter's taboo,
     may these words be enough to change your frown,
     may these words make it fun when the up becomes the down,
     may these words silent the ticking that possesses the ear,
     may these words cover the scars so you see life is near,
     may these words give you the strength to leave the bed,
     may these words be the voices that fill your head,
     may these words be the peace that keeps the sorries at bay,
     may these words be bright enough to always light your way. 


    I wrote this for myself to keep me going. Writing is my greatest gift and the contribution I want to make in this world, so this is the first time I actually wrote something for me specifically, but I think it could help others too. Hope this helps at least one other person. I'll know I've done something right.

  2. BKYTH
    BKYTH avatar
    200 posts
    12 September 2015 in reply to phoenixstone
    I'm sure you've done many things right and what you have written has, at its heart, a voice of sorrow and sadness and what those things have taught you, given you a glimpse of. Let your words be a catalyst for expression and let that expression be that which guides your actions as you grow and learn. Words are the architects of ideas and give shape to what is possible but don't rest in their bosom because words are the expression of today while actions are that which shapes tomorrow.                                                                                                                                  Philip.
  3. phoenixstone
    phoenixstone avatar
    13 posts
    15 September 2015 in reply to BKYTH
    I'm a writer so words are important to me but I understand what you are saying. My actions are to write as it is my job. It's my purpose, but so is cleaning the house and feeding my cat and enjoying what life has to offer. All these things I'm able to do thanks to words like above. Especially during the dark times.
  4. BKYTH
    BKYTH avatar
    200 posts
    16 September 2015 in reply to phoenixstone
    Language has of necessity become my craft as well. I wrote short stories to give some kind of expression to that which seemed impossible to do within the confines of the 'appointed' time which are scheduled for such occurrences to take place in.                                                                                                                                                       After a couple of decades of the usual Q and A sessions conducted with an ever growing array of faces as my admissions to hospital grew in number I realized that such settings, important as they can be for some, were impossible for me.                                                                                                                                                                         I had no core of 'self', no 'being' for the questions to be directed at and therefore there was no 'person' who could give an answer. Perhaps such a statement sounds strange to you. It still does to me after all these years but is how it was, and so, I felt the only avenue available to me was to capture, as best I could, something of my immediacy and the experience of that immediacy in language.                                                                                                               As a result I began to explore words and attempt to find a voice through them. Ultimately I failed. A few Psychiatrists wanted me to allow them to send some of what I had written to be submitted to various psychological journals and one, who had friends in publishing, offered to help me get my writing published - In short they had turned me into a writer which is not what I was nor attempting to be and so I ceased writing and haven't written anything in 30 years.                                                                                                                                       All I have to show for my efforts are some awards and prizes presented to me by people in recognition of "what?' But I still love language and the inherent possibilities of words to paint each persons portrait in ways that are yet to be explored. Perhaps there are challenges for the reader as well but that is another issue.                                    Philip.

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