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Forums / Staying well / Who else likes gardening?

Topic: Who else likes gardening?

  1. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    24 August 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Good morning Lilly, sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hugs.

    The garden and all else beckons us when we're feeling under the weather doesn't it?
    I hope you recover very soon!

    Rain here today, so an Inside day after I've taken Alexa in for her surgery.

    I'll be minding her pup too today, so lots of action lol.

    Love to all

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  2. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    362 posts
    24 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hey EM,

    Hoping you went OK today. Time seems to stand still when a loved one is having surgery - big hugs! Sending healing thoughts for a good recovery for Alexa and some rest for you too! xx

    Had a little rain here too this morning. Really freezing outside though with strong winds.

    This afternoon I feel like I’m on the way to feeling better.



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  3. Jstar49
    Jstar49 avatar
    832 posts
    24 August 2021


    Hugs Lillylane, hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Sometimes being unwell is almost worth it for the buzz of feeling better afterwards- does anyone else get that? I seem to get quite creative too, and forget about housework more easily. It reorders my priorities.

    Em, hope all went well with Alexa's surgery. I know you'll keep us posted, we'll all want to know how yo and she are gong.

    Today, I coaxed my D down to the garden to check our seeds, and we poked chickweed thru the fence for the chookies, who tugged at them and gobbled them up. I got my work cardi dirty lol! Weeding a new patch.

    I have a good collection of seedlings and plants now, waiting to be planted, but that didn't stop me buying some lettuce seedlings!! Altho I did plant the watercress in a bigger pot today. One down...

    I was busy on the weekend sewing some pants, so didn't do a scrap of work in the garden. Hopefully some seedlings poke their heads up, that will encourage me....

    The weather is cold, wild and windy- much better inside.

    Much love,


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  4. Jstar49
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    832 posts
    24 August 2021

    Em, Lovely to hear of the palace's arrival! Now the work begins!

    Oh if only we knew each other in real time- and it wasn't a lockdown AND we lived nearby!!! We'd all be there in a FLASH! to help construct the fortress for your darlings...



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  5. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    25 August 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hey Lilly

    Thankyou and J* for your well wishes for Alexa's surgery. So far so good IF I can trust her reports (she can be a monster at not telling me the WHOLE truth so I'm not worried - so yeah).
    I slept most of yesterday between driving her to and from etc.

    It was FREEZING here too yesterday brrrr, and raining :-)) lol.
    Bed was the best place to be ie I avoided feeling anxious all day because I was asleep AND I got rested which is awesome.

    Feel better soon! Yes I'm the same J*. I think hang it, I'm better now, I'm going to do what I WANT to do hahaha.

    J* THANKYOU! I will invoke ALL your energy tomorrow lol, so if you feel exhausted THAT'S why hahaha.
    It's a crazy jigsaw puzzle for sure but I'll invoke everyone's cryptic crossword puzzle minds too lol.

    I am SO EXCITED about doing this, it's a feeling I haven't had since BF was flying over to visit! Or my visits to see him - THAT level, so it's good.
    I need to be realistic. This PALACE is going to present some major issues in construction but hey... I've got a great ex Farmer as my Handyman and he's a real CAN DO MAN. And he's AWESOME in other ways. Charging me less per hour because I'm a single mum AND make great coffee, cake & sandwiches all day long (his words not mine) lol.
    I have to BUY in coffee for him, we don't ever have any here. I'll give him the jar when we finish bec it just rots in the cupboard lol.

    Hence I need to go shopping, cash, coffee, sandwich and cake stuff.

    I gardened for HOURS this morning already. I was SO anxious at whether Alexa made it thru the night with no ER visit. Her BF is SO attentive, kind and already noticed things about her. A caring NDIS support worker too, she's very happy and content with him.

    I might even be swayed to upload a photo of my Chook Palace as my profile pic hahaha! You'll see my grand toothless fence behind it, so fancy!

    Ah Papa BTs did dismantle my fungus wood heap. More work to do now.

    I began clearing the pool area, filled the green bin and 2 more sacks with rotting plastic yuck.

    Gotta go
    Love EMxxx

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  6. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2294 posts
    26 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi all,

    Thanks for the encouragement EM & J* - planning our garden is definitely a good sign for seeing a future. Very positive thing for us both to be doing it. EM, I chuckled at your comment re nitrogen. Duly noted. Also super glad to see your chook palace has arrived.

    Rubbish gardening weather since I last posted, it's gone all cold again. Good rain though, and the trees are loving it. The new orange tree is covered in new growth, and the poor lime is making a comeback after a real hard time last Summer. New leaves and even some buds.

    Pretty interested in that Fungi documentary, sounds like I have some fun things to learn.

    Kind thoughts to you all.


    PS EM, I'm with J*, if I were there I'd happily help with building your chook palace (or maybe get distracted cuddling your lovely chooks, hehe).

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  7. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    26 August 2021 in reply to Blue's Clues

    OMG seriously I INVOKED your help without asking Blue hahaha!!!

    Group Greenie HUGS lol.

    It went UP in ONE DAY! Saved me SO MUCH MONEY, we estimated 2-3 days which would have cost a fortune.. the Palace already did lol.

    The handyman noted that my chooks are so fat, they wouldn't be able to fly very easily lol!!
    They are big fat HAPPY hens.... they cried for me all day pottering around OUTSIDE their stingy coop but I told them everything we were doing was for them and then fed them more lol.

    My babysat babies come home at 6:30am tomorrow morning and I can't wait to see them and give them lots of hugs from Aunty Blue and Aunty J* and uncles and aunties everywhere.

    THEN at 10:30am (lol yes, we keep a tight schedule here) TWO WHOLE sons are going to help me set up their veritable wonderland!
    Hopefully by noon I can move them in.

    We have to disconnect their roosting boxes from the old one.
    I'm making a "Circle" like a ladies egg laying circle lol, out of old tyres.. to get their boxes as high as I can from the ground.
    Then getting our heads together as to what materials we can re-use from about the place (thanks demon lolol!)..

    I need to scrub down one toddler's pool I emptied today - this will be their sand pit.
    Chooks love "dirt baths" where they flick dry dirt or sand into their feathers to reach their skin.

    I'll see how many of the 4 salvaged min garden beds will fit comfortably inside.
    This will grow their Clucker Tucker mixes and other medicinal yummies for them (I bought these for my birthday present lol). I have lots of chicken wire to go across each & tent pegs left over from the build. They can stand ON them on the wire and peck through, not killing the plants, well that's the plan anyway.

    Also for my bday, I kindly bought the girls a tall seed feeder & waterer. I hope they learn how to use these quickly.

    I was worried about their protection from rain from the WALLS. There are 2 tarps over the top covering 2/3 of the roof area.
    THEN tonight I remembered a brand new Green house I got for a present such a long time ago... I hope it hasn't rotted.
    I can erect this OUTSIDE, closest to their boxes in case it rains over night. Otherwise I kept new mattress plastic bags "for something in the garden"... could be attached to walls... IDK.

    H'man joked they'll miss their water views.. crikeys never thought of that lol.
    It's very protected from the wind, I'm sure they'll prefer this space.


    Thanks for all your help today!

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  8. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Yesterday at about 230 pm ish, I sat on my wooden box in the back yard and read Ezekiel Promise of Restoration and enjoyed the sunshine and the quiet and the birds.

    The Garden of Eden is here and it's quite nice.

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  9. Paw Prints
    Valued Contributor
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    1817 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hello Em, wave to everyone,

    Yay you!!! the new chook palace sounds huge... so pleased for you that you managed to put it up in just a day... I'm tempted to put on a chicken suit to try blend in with your girls... this palace is definitely starting to sound far more swish than my house...

    I finally managed to be outside this arvo... I spent two hours repotting some existing plants & I started to pot up some of the plants I have been buying online... it was nice watering them into their new homes.

    Quite a few of the plants I already had on the verandah hadn't made it... as I was going along clearing them out I found one plant (a daisy) that has looked dead for weeks has started to reshoot... yay... & despite being drowned by all the rain we've had my chives are reshooting too... my plants are good at surprising me...

    DnG - sitting in the sun reading sounds a lovely way to spend an arvo.



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  10. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to Paw Prints

    Hey DnG that sounds very peaceful. A garden of Eden - lovely.

    Hey Paws, I'm telling you now, I'd like to live in that Chook Palace too! lolol... it's such a sweet spot down there.

    Did you enjoy repotting your plants today?

    It took us HOURS longer than we thought it would to set things up down there, woah hard work. We pulled apart the hidden 3 column tyre composts up the front at the highest point of my property. I got covered in mud all over yuck (and yummy at the same time lol). I had a leaf mould compost right there to empty it all into, SO many worms. Then rolled the tyres them down the back.

    We used 12 tyres to make the chicken's roosts as high as the roof permitted, then long planks across them & put all sorts of containers up there for them to lay and sleep in. Even an old kids play centre lol. We used an old screen door on it's side as a "ladder".

    With the tyres in a semi circle & the screen placed on an angle there's a cute hiding spot for them to run to if they're scared. They all fit in there easily. I got to witness Brush Turkeys harassing them from the outside. Hopefully over time, my girls will realise the turkeys CAN'T get in & relax more. We lined the entire perimeter with bricks to seal the wire & boundary.

    When the boys & I carried the girls down there, wow they were SO EXCITED. We all watched them for ages in delight. They pecked the grass so eagerly, won't be much left tomorrow lol!

    The boys attached the clever feeder & waterer, & tried to "teach" the chickens how to access their seed & water, it was so funny. They were huddling up right near them, SO CUTE. They have to peck a little blue lever to release water, I THINK they've worked that out, will check tomorrow.

    I put one mini vege bed in there, there's still grass in other areas. I have LOTS of soil to move, so there'll be nice soil to put in to the vege beds when I set them up.

    I want to set up my "new" green house somewhere on the outside to create a "wall" of some type for them.
    And grow some seedlings too.

    They've already picked their dust bath spot! lol.

    I needed a long hot bath tonight. So sad I'm back to work on Monday (well Sunday night really) ahhhh we did well today and I'm SO happy we set this up for our baby girls.

    Might turn the old chook shed into a pretend tiny house lol! Like mama's own cubby.

    I'm starving, off to make some food

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  11. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    29 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    A wise gardener knows that a seed must be planted to an optimal depth.

    Thus a seed planted too deep will not sprout, instead dissolve into the dirt itself, becoming just more dirt.

    Whilst a seed planted too shallow, perhaps on the surface, might blow away or get eaten by a bird or otherwise become non viable due to the elements.

    Thus gardening reveals the concept of "optimal depth" to those keen enough to notice. And take that concept into their outside world, using language of optimal depth, using work of optimal capacity, driving a car optimally.

    Optimality is our best paradigm for gardeners. Would you agree ecomama?

  12. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    29 August 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    hey DnG whatever works and keeps one gardening happily along I guess!

    Today I used my garden to ground me after a call with my Aunty.
    And to ground me with feelings of being trapped due to being quarantined.

    I thought we only had 3 clumps of trimmed lantana left but NO. We removed around 8 the other day and there are so many more grrr.
    I took another 5 out this morning. Still more left.
    I worked really hard on removing the trails of root systems from the soil until sweat was dripping off my forehead by 8am and kept going till noon.

    having a break then doing more.

    I used the whipper snipper to trim grass on slopes.
    Moved buckets of soil UP the garden to fill holes and dibbits in the uneven grass. Raking it over was fun. Stamping on it was even more fun lol.

    I need to select 3 different places to plant the awesome corms of Arrowroot I bought thru Green Harvest.
    It's a compost activator but the chickens also love to eat the leaves.

    We've discovered so many old tyres in our garden.
    Planning some rammed earth structures to create round seating near the intended fire pit area, where we removed the old circular pool from. Based on an Earth Ship style, the tyres can be used well there. After watching more YouTube clips on various green building techniques, we can use waste half bricks as fillers in the tyres, using less soil.

    Then probably COB over the whole seating area, when restrictions lift more.

    So happy my old chook shed is cleared out. Ready to put my non electrical garden tools all in there. Just need to patch the roof for leaks at some point.

    Better get on.

    Happy gardening everyone!


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  13. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2294 posts
    1 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi all,

    EM, I haven't been invoked before, that's new, haha. Sending more cuddles for your dear chickens. Also glad gardening is helping to ground you with everything at the moment. It's been a help for me too, recently.

    LM and I did a big shop at Bunnings today, got a whole lot of stuff to do the irrigation for the veggie garden. That will go in after I've tilled the soil and pulled up all the soursobs (of which there are many, but at least they come up easy). Once that's set up we'll be ready to plant. We also got a whole lot of native plants (stuff like grevilleas and boronia). Some will go in the area that's got bark chips. Some will be replacing grass. Eventually there will be little to no grass, and stepping stones as paths through the yard. Birds and bees and butterflies in the yard, an no more bloody mowing.

    EM, I was looking up plants with LM and he liked the look of one quite a lot... It was lantana! I suggested maybe we don't plant any of those.

    Not sure if we'll get the natives planted before I'm back at work, not long left for that. We'll see.

    Happy gardening, one and all.


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  14. Guest9337
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    1001 posts
    1 September 2021 in reply to Blue's Clues

    I took a bunch of pictures in the day for my website. I've got bee butts in a flowering pear tree. Rays of light passing through shiny steel clothes pegs (and a hidden bee amongst them!). I've got blurry images of some amazingly fast blackbirds, who are the vandels of our garden. I got 5 minutes video of two ducks waddling around me, only a few metres away.

    So it's been quite fun living in this garden wife and I have made. I feel a sense of peace in at home, and comfortable business too, the buzz of springs productivity ahead us all.

    Oh that reminds me, just what is on my planting list? sigh.

  15. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    3 September 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    Well the "vandels" of the garden, the blackbirds and I had a chat yesterday and whilst they like me, they note that I have accused them of being vandels, and they do not like that phrase for they tell me the rainbow lorikeets are even more destructive and should thus be labelled that way preferentially. Whereas the blackbirds move fast and thus seem energetically destructive, but actually take less and leave more and do it quieter too. Thus I have apologised for my mislabeling and will now cast my eye at more colourful perpetrators.

    Wife n I have put tomato seeds on the shopping list.

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  16. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    8 September 2021

    Dear BB gardeners

    It's lovely to read of everyone's escapades in their garden spaces.

    PLEASE NO LANTANA Blues lol, you'll rue the day if you do. As much as I also love the flowers of Bougainvillea, my Nana kept hers well trimmed, I won't plant those either. Or Jasmine lol.
    A passionfruit vine might look nice? But do as you please of course.

    Yes I have been using my gardening as therapy space more than ever lately, altho I got really overwhelmed this morning, not knowing where to start.
    I just got into more weeding against and UNDER the neighbour's fence. Worked up a sweat very fast and realised that was NOT the place for my mini garden beds.

    So I chose a spot to move them to, below the Fungus Wood heap. Filled them with pizza boxes at the base and put some chook manure in. I'll "compost" in there for as x long.

    Also have lots of pallets to build a better larger composting system. Not sure where to stake those in yet, maybe in a disused garden bed, IDK.

    Looks like the new fence is not too far away! Need to bring everything I can away from the fence line. Cut some bananas down before it gets too hot and clear space for the fence builders there too. The cut bananas can go into my Fungus Wood Heap lol.

    I became so overwhelmed with all the rubbish. Omg the stuff demon brought here sighhh.
    I decided to use some flat lengths of Merbau cut offs as flooring for Mama's Cubby, so sorted those and need to bring them up for my jigsaw puzzle flooring lol,.

    Also big chunks of very weathered timber might work to fill the long gap along and under a fence. I lined some up there. Need to plant the Papaya tree down there, moving it in it's pot will be a major challenge! A few "accidental" Mulberry tree seedlings have grown down there which will be awesome shade over time.

    Need to remove a massive amount of soil that's washed in behind our bottom retaining wall and the neighbour's fence ugh! Such a narrow space and SO MUCH SOIL. I need it to level up more spots but I'd better get on before the weather really heats up.

    What ALWAYS cheers me up is taking a walk with my leaf blower lol!
    I'll don my straw hat and go for a walk with it now. I keep 2 batteries charged up because I can use all 3 batteries to leaf blow the whole property.
    Might do some whipper snippering first :-)

    Happy gardening everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  17. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    362 posts
    9 September 2021

    Hi All!

    I’ve been thinking about bees and in particular native bees, and wondered if anyone here has had a go at keeping native bees in their garden?

    Will see if I can read a book about it or something on the weekend.

    Hoping to get weeding and mulching done before the hot weather kicks in. I can only do a small section at a time. But it’s progress :)

    happy gardening,


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  18. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    9 September 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hey Lilly!

    I can't believe you're still awake after such an early start today lol. Go you! hahaha.

    I don't "keep" Native bees but they sure do LIVE in my garden. Don't know where their hives are. They LOVE my Mystery tree that no one can tell me what it is. Not even a tree IDing App.

    Good on you for looking at how to create great habitats for our Native Bees. I reckon they'll save the world sooner or later.

    I worked hard in my garden after work today until dark. Got the Green bin filled again lol. Burnt alot of dead branches etc off too. Moved buckets of soil UP the garden and it's looking SO NICE in the proposed Fire Pit area.
    I decided to use thick lengths of hard wood from around the place in a gap under my higher neighbour's fence.
    SO CLASSY! Looks like I got the wood on purpose lol! Might have to use short fat stakes to keep the planks from falling over but wow it looks good.

    I was able to roll the old pool plastic up even MORE by taking out so much dead lantana.
    I even found a baby snake lol and LOTS of leeches under there.

    One son came down to see me after he finished work and said WOW so many times that even I was impressed lol.

    The curve where the pool was lends itself SO nicely to envisaging a curved seating arrangement. Just hope there's somewhere I can get CLAY for free when we're ready to COB our seating. The back of the seating will look like it's emerged from the hillside lol and I just LOVE that look. All Hobbitsville like :-)
    I have the tyres ready to place for the seat bases. Then to bring TONNES of soil up to fill them - like an Earth Ship process. I'll use stacks of broken bricks inside them too. May as well embody some waste in there.

    After feeling overwhelmed this week, just persisting and keeping the work going has made a huge difference.
    Like they say, we often give up JUST before a breakthrough.

    I've had my breakthrough to REALLY see progress (finally) after years of work. I've been hard at it for over 3 years, it'll still be longer before it's "done" - if a garden is EVER "done" lol.

    It's beginning to look cultured, cultivated and cared for.

    Back to work tomorrow after work! And ALL weekend, can't wait!

    Love EMxxxx

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  19. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    11 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hello Happy BB Gardeners!

    I'm so grateful for my garden :-)

    I've been getting down there before and after work and some times during my "lunch break" for 30 mins here and there.

    Doing all on a very tight budget, since alarmingly I have more than $10k of bills come in and felt extremely stressed over it all. I got about $300 of Bunnings vouchers for my birthday and I'm thinking of what to buy VERY carefully.

    I've found SO much buried in the hill around where our pool used to be lol. Yesterday I decided to leave the rest in there and work on embodying the waste, mainly only broken bricks inside my Earth Ship tyre formation.
    After bringing up many buckets of soil to relieve the pressure on the back fence (UGH!) I envisaged a few more alterations.

    My poor Monsteras were suffering from sun exposure, so I removed them yesterday and put them in water soaked chook waste over night. I'll plant them in a very shady spot high in the fire pit area which I'm sure they'll love. Any heat from the fire will not get near them.

    I arranged the tyres where I think I want them in prep for the Cob seating. But I need to level the ground out better before I do more there.

    After worrying that I couldn't find more thick weathered hard wood planks to go under the ugly fence line, I found FIVE late yesterday arvo, omg. Very happy there.

    One son said he'd help me today for a couple of hours, we'll see if he does lol!

    I WILL use the stubby stakes to hold these heavy planks up against the fence line. With the rain we get here at times, they could easily fall down the slope if I don't.

    I got to eat some MULBERRIES yum, still have lots of oranges on our tree too.

    Need to write a list for son and I so we keep on track :-)

    Off to begin.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  20. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    12 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Good morning Happy Gardeners!

    Had a great day in the garden yesterday, so happy. P.son came to help for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

    We set up the shaded Monstera area with lots of long logs and branches. We ended up having around 6 plants, some small and a few much bigger. I put lots of chook poo straw that had been soaked in water, buckets of soil and some bark mulch. Hope the nitrogen draw down doesn't harm them. Then watered them in with tank water.

    I became a Brickie's Labourer for a while lol. Moved almost ALL the bricks from around the Old Chook Shed now Mama's Cubby and put them near P.son to build with. Sweaty work!
    P.son bricked up the proposed bath worm farm in the position I chose, bringing it up high enough to put a big metal bucket under it to collect the vermicast and allowing room to lift the screen door protector as the lid.
    Then did same for my Frog pond near it. The "pond" is on the low side of my Cubby. It's empty and dry atm, so I need to find a plug for it!
    Putting a long log in there is important for the frogs to be able to climb out when they've grown.

    Both these structures are in a hidden part of the garden but right near the water tank to get water easily.

    We also carried long hard wood planks to seal up against the neighbour's fence line and used the stubby stakes to keep them up. We had enough planks to do other sections too so that was great! Just need more stakes to pin them in. We've used 6 long planks so far.

    I dug up lots more stuff! lol, bricks and slabs of sandstone, small and large. I was happy to get this all out, then had to bring up buckets of soil to fill in the holes, which will sink and it'll need repeat action.
    The sandstone will be used for steps higher on the property, just on end as the edging. Pavers in the centre.

    We moved pallets and am toying with an idea for an experimental composting system with them.

    I took a yucky paved step apart, not realising it had about 40 pavers ugh! Had to haul some UP the hill to stack, changed my mind about how to store timbers for pick up by family. Need to hide it all more, looks yuck atm and is on a path which annoys me lol.

    I put a metre long hard wood sleeper in their place and it looks MUCH better.

    Had my traditional fires burning sticks and dried banana leaf clippings - oh yeah began trimming bananas.
    Need to saw some down for my Fungus Wood Heap soon.

    Having TONS of lock down fun in my garden lol.

    Love EMxxxx

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  21. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    16 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    People plant your gardens today, if you are not already. Buy as many seeds of vegetables fruits, flowers and medical plant that you can store or plant. Buy your best local soil and do not go to work, do not wash the dishes, do not study, go and tend to the garden, all else is less than futile.

    They are spending 100 billion aud$ on nuclear warfare only 30 km from my home, the world is mad, only the gardeners will save us now.

  22. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1001 posts
    17 September 2021 in reply to Guest9337

    I have extended our vegie garden with another hours labour today, following wife's instructions.

    I have a good old laugh at the following information... my local landscapers will deliver 1 ton of their high quality soil for $89.50. OR they will deliver 2 tonnes of the same soil for $59.00.

    lol dng

  23. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    18 September 2021

    Hi happy BB gardeners!

    So happy to be able to spend a WHOLE DAY in my garden tomorrow (I hope it doesn't rain!).
    I have lots of photos to take as my kids and grandkids want to see it all lol.

    We put up 3 shade sails, 1 in front garden, 2 in back. Just after a few days, my plants look so much happier, greener, less stressed.

    Our huge Mystery Tree now has NO longs around it, I dug out the awful weed trees and it's ready to plant agapanthus I rescued from the curbside, last year during lock down, and had potted them up, to see if they'd thrive. They have.

    So they're ready to plant out.

    I also found a great spot for the awful plastic compost container lol. Right below the bath worm farm (that I'm yet to fully construct). It's hidden there, so all good.

    My little liriopes I got on sale are root bound in their pots, so they have to be potted UP in bigger pots and / or planted out.

    Need to plant my Arrowroot bulbs but just considering WHERE.

    I also learnt about "Blue Spurflower" that can be used as (drum roll) loo paper! I think I might have some growing, so that needs to be planted down the back too.

    My sons and I finally reconnected the front guttering PVC pipe to the front tank, cleared the gutters and tank top. So lucky it was before the rain came.

    Found an awesome way to store all my pavers! Building a timber storage section in an unused spot. Ready to be picked up by anyone. So whenever I find more pavers, which is every day, I can add these to the walls of this structure and then take them away when needed. It's gonna be TALL lol.

    Also thought I could use some of the steel beams to create terraces but yet to be seen lol.

    I need to deconstruct the "Leaf Mould" in the front garden, it's just too ugly. The more I get things in order, the more this kind of stuff stands out and looks awful. Might do this when I create the bath worm farm, so I can use what's not yet decomposed in there.

    Need to collect some Worm Farm worms from a Community Garden near my work BUT can't travel there during lock down so will need to wait until I return to work to collect my new babies lol.

    After LD, hoping to get lots of muscle help to lift a huge work bench over my balcony railing and lower it down to the garden. I to put it in Mama's Cubby :-)

    Might even get to Bunnings in the next week to spend my birthday vouchers. Pretty exciting for me.

    Have fun in the garden everyone!

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  24. Jstar49
    Jstar49 avatar
    832 posts
    22 September 2021

    Hi all,

    Em your garden sounds wonderful! All that work! It’s true that the more we do, the more we notice that needs doing. We refine our ideas, no longer accept the messy areas that used to be fine!

    my H lives things tidy even in the garden. I let him whipper snip a bit, then found out he probably did exactly the right thing to deter the grasshoppers who were eating my seedlings! Maybe a bit of tidy is ok....

    otferwise my garden is humming along. Some lettuce seedlings came up from the seed scattered, and the peas are still producing. The beans are getting bigger. Tomatoes nearly finished (they’ve been growing over winter). Kale is healthy and thriving- pity in the only one who enjoys it!

    The carrots didn’t come up, sadly. I’ll need to protect the blueberries- more young berries appearing but the birds have had them all so far.
    I planted all my plants purchased a while ago! Yay! Everything doing well....lavender, salvia, and oregano ,thyme.
    Lillylane I’ve noticed lots of native bees on our Allysum over the years. They seem to love the tiny blossoms. Lots of natives are good. We lived on a macadamia farm and the owners had a native beehive - steady stream of workers at certain times of the day!

    Salvias are wonderful for all bees.
    I love spring- the birds are so busy building nests and eating my garden lol! But lots of flowers for them too.
    I hung my old hammock in our mango tree- it shall be a good spot for bird watching.
    Cheers all,



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  25. randomx
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    3238 posts
    23 September 2021 in reply to Jstar49

    Yeah it does em , really nice , cool , and escapism;ish

    Bit of a shame really but when we first came to this place it was the real ugly duckling of the street but it had huge potential . l could see it all but unfortunately so many other priorities and time , l haven't been able to do much to it at all and l won;t get the chance from here on either now. l have planted some strategic trees though , and grass plants and Yucca . They'll all alone look beautiful in a few yrs time but atm she's still the ugly duckling.

    Strangest thing is though , from day one as ugly as she was , it's always had incredible feel. l was just saying somewhere the other day stepping out into my yards here, is the biggest release and peace l've ever felt on a place and we've lived on acreage and all sorts.

    Hoping the next owner can see it all too but have the time to create with it what it could truly be.


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  26. ecomama
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    4567 posts
    23 September 2021 in reply to Jstar49

    Good morning happy BB gardeners!

    Chime in any time to share your plant stories :-)

    Hey J*! your hammock in the mango tree sounds so relaxing ahhh lol. Sounds like you've had lots of yummies to eat from your garden, happy days! I gave up growing carrots, mainly because they're so cheap to buy. Peter Cundall said you have to till the ground very deeply to grow carrots, but that having the nutrients very deep so the carrots seek these, then a sandy loam above it.. yeah too complicated for me lol.

    Aha I hear you're SHARING stacks with the wildlife! hahaha. We do too, it is what it is.

    Hey randomx!
    Are you considering moving house now?
    Amazing how a certain property can just have "good vibes" about it. Ours doesn't lol, but it WILL! hahaha.

    Being an Artist you must have a good eye for strategic placement of plants?
    Very helpful lol.

    I saved some Agave "pups" from the curbside years ago and placed them out the front near the road. A Feng Shui thing to keep negative energy away. Also nothing grew under huge conifers there. The ground had become allelopathic. Well they're over a metre wide now, so food for thought there lol.

    Yes Lillylane, J* mentioned Allysum - the sweetest little plants! People say once you have them, there's no getting rid of them but they disappeared out of ours. I love them, thanks for reminding us about them!

    Thanks for popping in peeps! Great to hear what's going on in your green spaces.

  27. ecomama
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    4567 posts
    23 September 2021

    Hey BB gardeners!

    Been busy in my garden, feeling exhausted today lol.

    The front courtyard looks lovely and everyone's noticed which is nice.
    Feel a bit wobbly about dealing with the top garden, had some unwanted visitors lately so yeah. Maybe today I can do that.

    Spent SO MUCH time in my back garden and it's beginning to look FANCEE now lol!

    Ooops sorry J* I meant to say something other than trellis a while back... can't think of the word atm but our passionfruit is growing up into a pyramid shaped structure and that helps the FANCEE look lol.

    I weeded 5 x 11L buckets of selected weeds (not all) from my garden. Then whipper snipped and, my fave, LEAF blew everything lol.

    My water tank is empty :-( Rain dance now lol.

    I cleared ALL around my Faraway Tree, hopefully it will leaf up soon!
    Planted agapanthus all around the base (saw this in high falooting homesteads and love that look).

    I dug out 3 x 11L buckets of soil from a blocked drain. Got too dark to keep on (few spiders too ugh).
    I could use this yummy black soil to plant the agapanthus which was helpful. Had to brick around these as the Turkeys are still rampant!

    I like the idea of mass plantings giving impact, so will work on this. Doing this all for free is the major challenge :-)

    Looks like I have to cut down the HUGE conifers up the front, myself. They're growing too close to power lines now so yeah.
    Sadly, this will expose my front garden. I have VERY NOSEY neighbours grrr. Almost zero privacy after this.
    Won't remove them until my CCTVs are all working.

    BUT my liriopes planted all out there will make it a spiky trip to come through there (lol) OR a different screening plant I'll have to propagate.
    Need to plant my liriopes up in bigger pots so they're ready to go in a year or so.

    J* after reading your post I realised the biggest problem in my garden now is the removal or use or storage of building materials or rubbish depending on my view lol. I need to visit the metal recyclers but getting it all in my car at the right time is a HUGE issue.
    Otherwise it's GORGEOUS lol.

    Doing lots of car trips today and work!
    Then might get a moment in my garden this arv - which means hours until dark lol.

    Happy gardening everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  28. Guest9337
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    1001 posts
    23 September 2021

    I walked in a garden today Laratinga wetlands and took a heap of photos. Very nice place, bees and birds, mums and kids, only 1 male in the whole place other than me, and he was clearly a grandfather with his grandson.

    I watched my blackbird pair patrol the main vegie bed, up and down, up and down they patrolled like clock work guards for 5 minutes, then flew onwards to the next station.

    Right now a possum is screeching its noise, love that one whom guards the north side of the yard.

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  29. randomx
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    3238 posts
    23 September 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hiya em.

    Yep don't worry em it will . With your beautiful family and self , our Bt's helping you out haha , and all your hard work, how could it not eh. And ah yessaa, forgot the girls and the palace too of course

    My new trees , thanks for that tell ya they'll look stunning in a few yrs time, in the simplistic sense l mean , not all flash and manicured , free and scattered. The only two originals were the ugliest things you ever saw too but l reshaped them and saved them and these days one in particular is just a beautiful small tree now and just weeps summer shade over our new little porch . Really proud of this tree it's taken 5yrs to fill out and grow into it's new shape , it's just a small weeping bottle brush about 5mtrs high. Gorgeous now though and always full of birds.

    Hi D , ha , it's always upsetting when l've had to get rid of possums l love those guys, busy little fellas. But all their partying in the roof ends up just pushing me too far haha.


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  30. ecomama
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    4567 posts
    30 September 2021 in reply to randomx

    Hey everyone, nice to hear of your garden / nature escapades.

    I think people around me at least are suffering from NDD - Nature Deficit Disorder (lol). People seem to be kinda losing their grip.

    Hallelujah my Rain Dance WORKED lol!
    I like when it rains at NIGHT then I can work the soft soil in the day time.
    Tanks not quite full yet but happy for what we got. yay!

    Sounds like a beautiful area DNG, nice to explore.

    Sounds sweet rx, LOVE how trees can give us so much shade over areas we love to sit and relax in.

    My "stately" home DEMANDS cultured and cropped but it ain't getting it! LOL!
    I do what I want to do and it's too bad hahaha.

    I ended up spending SO much time on the front Courtyard and way up to the road that it looks amazing and I can't quite believe it really. My kids buy STACKS of online purchases and the delivery people have all said WOW, this all looks so much better lol.
    Glad others can appreciate it!

    Well rx my girls in their Chook Palace, hmmmm I may have some finance coming through to help build the cabin!
    I have NO IDEA how we'll move the Palace or WHERE we can move it to yet!

    Their palace is right smack bang in the cabin's spot lol.

    I've asked my sons to help me move 2 steel beams from the side of the house to outline the proposed side path for the cabin, then on closer inspection yesterday there were FIVE steel beams there UGH!
    More buried way down the back that Papa BT No 2 uncovered with his scratching, omg. Damned demon bringing home all this "stuff"!

    Anyhoo it was pleasant to "get my own back" internally when I collected the mail last night and the property prices have jumped AGAIN. lol.

    Yesterday I weeded more, always more to do! Happily the chickens love eating these weeds.

    I also moved a huge pile of garbage.
    Burnt lots of untreated, rotted timbers from the pile.
    Took the garbage up the front as we're having a Council collection of all sorts next week.
    Hid other stuff between the tank and the fence.
    FOUND 3 PVC pipes and other materials that could come in handy for the cabin build yay! Will store them in the rafters for now.

    Need to cut down 3 tall dead pines. Remove so many stumps... hard yakka.

    Have to dig out the other steel beams ouch. Numerous trees too.

    Hopefully our new fence is built by Christmas! Freaking LONG fence.

    Getting there, wherever "there" is lol.

    Happy gardening everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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