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Forums / Staying well / Who else likes gardening?

Topic: Who else likes gardening?

  1. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    3 December 2021 in reply to Blue's Clues

    Oh HAPPY DAYS Blue! Orange tree doing well, surprise tomatoes lol, they're awesome... parsley and some surviving natives and WORMS! Well done you guys!

    I was wondering, do you put the bird cage waste in your compost? I know they're free ranging birds lol, just wondering about that.

    Do you have small baby oranges coming on?

    I must've invoked Blue at Bunnings last weekend, I bought TWO punnets of parsley by accident lol. I meant to buy one parsley and one coriander just because BF was on the phone and wanted coriander lol. Oh well he didn't get any.

    I decided to buy 2 sacks of potting mix to top UP my half wine barrel I've been working on filling. Oh boy does it have some wonders in there! A sack of opened, clean cat litter (the super absorbent type), 2 buckets of lint from the clothes drier, wormy soil from drains but I wanted some higher quality soil to grow some herbs in.

    I bought pizza thyme and regular thyme, parsley and basil. With all the rain we've been having, they are SO HAPPY in the wine barrel. Nice!

    The shade cloth is above it thank goodness, it shades them from the harsh hot sun and softens the heavy rainfall we've been having too. All good there.

    Our grass is growing by the minute now. I still whipper snip most weeds back into it but when a healthy clump of grass is evident, I weed near it.

    Mint is growing all through the grass on the way down to the chook palace, so I'm clearing near that for it to grow more.

    There's still a sweet carpet of native violets growing in front of our outdoor oven and now it's growing it shady patches elsewhere too yay! Saves mowing there but weeds do occasionally like growing amongst it.

    I haven't had opportunity on a clear day to break out my new hedge trimmer yet but I can't wait to use use it.

    I began Bonsai trimming on some natives lol! They really like it :-)
    The front camellia looks great as a big Bonsai, I might do the back yard one the same way.

    Grass is growing all into my intended Fire Pit area which erks me. I've decided to use some pavers I have on end to create a border around it. This might deter the grass but at least it gives a good border to whipper snip around.

    If it's a sunny day tomorrow I'll get some high pressure hosing done on the drive way (which is getting mossy!) and the curved wall to my Potager Garden in the front Court Yard, front steps, porch etc etc.

    Always lots to do.

    Have fun in your gardens everyone!

    Love EMxxxx

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  2. Jstar49
    Jstar49 avatar
    833 posts
    14 February 2022

    Hi gardeners,

    Yikes my garden! Summer has been either wet or ferocious, so as a result it's pretty messy down there now, and not much left. Some suyo long cucumbers coming on tho- I think they're bomb proof for sub tropics!

    Corn, sunflowers, all gone. Beans- small harvest today. Tomatoes when the birds don't get them. Time to replant, but before I can I have to clear, nourish, and topdress..... and I can't be bothered! Em you put me to shame with all your activity ;)

    Hopefully I'll get out there soon, otherwise my seedlings will die. Rocket, lettuce and shallots. I also have lots of lovely fruit trees that will need their spot in the sun soon. I repotted but need to prepare their forever site. Custard apple! Grapevine! Jaboticaba! And a loganberry- which if I don't get it in soon will twine around everything while it's in a pot.

    Lovely to hear about your projects BF still in US? It sounds like he's here, eating coriander...;)

    Looking forward to hearing about your oranges Blue. Fresh oranges off your own tree is just the best! So are home grown tomatoes- so much flavour .



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  3. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
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    369 posts
    20 February 2022 in reply to Jstar49

    Hey J*!

    My garden’s looking a bit that way too. I’m a little overwhelmed with the to-do list so I just focus on getting outside at least once a day for a few minutes to water my pots.

    How is it that I always end up with a collection of plants I need to get into the ground? I plant a bunch of them out... yet there’s always more. I think because when they’re all grouped together, I forget that some of them aren’t actually in the ground yet.

    A few months ago I transplanted a Rosemary plant into a better spot. It looked pretty terrible for a while and I thought I was gonna loose it, but it’s now looking lush and happy and I’m relieved. It was given to me as a gift so I felt extra pressure to keep it alive!

    Gardening Australia is back on, which is good. It always inspires me, but I’m so time poor at the moment.

    How is your mango tree doing? My tree had no fruit this year. I read in a magazine that if it’s a particularly wet Spring, mangoes may not fruit. That could explain it.

    Hope you are well J* and all!


  4. Lillylane
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
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    369 posts
    25 May 2022
    Last week I went to a new shop in town that sells indoor plants. It was incredible - they have a huge collection and each plant was beautifully presented and so well looked after. Some I’ve never seen before.

    My cat loves to chew on plants so I have to be careful what I bring into the home. And I haven’t had much luck with indoor plants.

    But recently I bought home a Peperomia plant and my cat seems to ignore it! Yay! So I bought a couple more.

    Weather hasn’t been great for gardening outside lately so it’s been good to give indoor plants a go.

    Hope you’re doing well BB gardeners x
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