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Topic: How can I help my wonderful son?

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  1. Bonjourbee
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    24 May 2018

    Hi - I'm hoping for some advice. My son is in his early 20s and has battled with depression for many years. It comes in waves - he feels worthless, and that awful 'nothing's worth carrying on for, I'm useless' talk. So irrational and so negative. He is loved by his family and his girlfriend but he doesn't feel he deserves love. I managed to get him to a psychologist a few years ago but that didn't work out and confirmed to him that nothing could help. I also managed to get him to a gp and on some anti depressants- but he hated them and stopped taking them - futher confirming that nothing/no-one can help. I'm desperate and don't know where to turn. He does call me when he's down which is good and I can never drop my guard as this black dog appears at any time. I really don't know what to do to help my gorgeous boy....

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  2. geoff
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    25 May 2018 in reply to Bonjourbee

    Hi Bonjourbee, can I welcome you to the forum.

    I'm pleased that he will contact you at any time, that's always very important, but he's had no luck seeing a psychologist nor did he like taking the antidepressants (AD), however, maybe you could suggest going with him to another psychologist.

    Can I suggest he rings the BB line 1300 22 4636 but interested to see if his girlfriend has been encouraging him to get the help he desperately needs.

    Another idea is to click onto 'Get Support' and scroll down until you see Publications to download or order this booklet describes mental illness so if he reads this then he may change his mind and want to see another psychologist.



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