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Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers) / My mothers success story. 4 years off antidepressants after 20 years on them.

Topic: My mothers success story. 4 years off antidepressants after 20 years on them.

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  1. Frances72
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    14 March 2018

    Hello everyone,

    My mothers success story. It took too long to find the right info and support. Thank Goddess we made it! In the beginning, we had no support and no info. Eventually, we found supporting health care professionals that were understanding of the withdrawal process. Many doctors know very little, and many sufferers end up back on meds because the symptoms are mistaken for a worsening of the previous condition. Exhausted mother of 4, mum was prescribed SSLR's in her early 40's. By age 62 mums life is mostly happy, and financially comfortable. Ready to come off her meds, and experiencing side effects, (one was controlling and ruining her life). After several several unsuccessful attempts, mum prepared herself with nutrition (lots of animal fats and fermented live foods to feed the central nervous system), left dad and bought a house near the beach. Mum's doctor was unsupportive & told her she would die of depression and need very strong drugs to help her recovery should she discontinue again. So mum did it without him. She reduced over a 7 month period. Later I read about tapering in the Book "Drug Withdrawal" by Dr Peter Breggins I realised that mum was in danger. She crashed within a few months after her last pill. Two doctors said it was definitely not withdrawal when in fact it absolutely was! Some bodies recycle these drugs for many months after discontinuation. For 6 weeks mum could not sit still, she could not chew food 95% of the time. I made her bone broth soups and kefir. Mum suffered overwhelming feelings of doom and gloom, she had daily 30 minute suicidal episodes followed by exhaustion and sleep. I pulled my daughter out of school and took mum to our country home. I was by her side for most of 3 months. I was scared other family would admit her. Eventually we found a supportive psychotherapist and a medical doctor who understood SSLR discontinuation.

    Mum's journey to recovery was also full of powerful feelings of joy, connectedness and coming alive. It took 3 years for mum to feel consistantly well and to put on weight. Mum moved back home near family. Previously disconnected with no time for family or grandchildren, now enjoying life as an active grandmother!! Its been 4 years since mum's last SSLR med. At age 66, mum's happier than she ever was.

    Follow basic building biology! WiFi routers, cordless appliances and smart phones must be turned off while we sleep. All the best, hope this story helps someone.

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  2. BballJ
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    14 March 2018 in reply to Frances72

    Hi Frances72,

    Firstly, welcome to the forums.

    What a story you have to share on behalf of your mum, just shows you can beat the mental illness and that is so amazing to read, I hope she is mega proud of her achievement. Her story hopefully will be a pillar of strength for others who may find themselves in a similar position.

    My best for you and your mum,


  3. Frances72
    Frances72 avatar
    2 posts
    3 April 2018 in reply to BballJ
    Thank you so much Jay! I wish there was more I could do to share mum's story so that it can give hope to others. I feel so much for people who are suffering. We live in difficult times because there is so much misinformation. It would be so beneficial to some sufferers if doctors suggested people find a good building biologist to check their homes for radiation levels (wifi routers and smart phones are a real issue when left on at night). For powerful dietary advise, look at the work of Dr Weston A Price who studied the diets of 14 super healthy isolated indigenous groups around the world. He found the foods highly prized by these groups are many of the foods demonised today. All diets, although varied, were high in saturated fats/cholesterol! Sunshine, safe exposure tailored to the individual is also essential to mental and physical health. So many people avoid sunshine or block it with toxic solutions, eat low fat diets and are exposed to too much radiation.And people need love and support. Thank Goddess for groups like Beyond Blue! All the best to everyone XO
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