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Topic: Supporting Anxious 6 year old

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  1. Country Mum 82
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    2 posts
    5 May 2021

    My 6 year old is quite anxious about a lot of things and it's starting to take its toll on me. It is my role as a mum to help her through it but I am feeling quite exhausted and feel like even though i am implementing everything I've been encouraged to do, we are not making progress. Getting ready for activities (school, gymnastics etc) is a huge effort and takes us hours to get out the door. I broke down in tears this morning - i was trying to be so strong in front of her but just couldnt anymore, and then i felt awful for breaking down when i am trying to teach her to be strong!

    I am also torn between knowing if sometimes she is truly anxious about something or whether she is just telling me she is; she obviously gets lots of "attention" from me and cuddles/reassurance when she tells me of the things she is anxious about. I want to give her support and make her feel loved and nurtured and help her through it, but I am finding it hard to be strong.

    Would love to hear from anyone going through something similar

  2. CalmCat
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    354 posts
    7 May 2021 in reply to Country Mum 82

    Hi Country Mum 82,

    Thank you for sharing something so intimate with us on the forum, you sounds like a wonderful mother.

    It sounds like your getting overwhelmed, and I'm so sorry to hear this. Have you taken your daughter to a mental health professional to see if she is suffering from anxiety? That could be a good first step.

    Or maybe your just going through a rough patch, but don't let this rough patch worry you, things will turn out fine.

    Keep being the great mother that you are and if you feel you need to talk with someone call the Beyond Blue line for a chat... a chat can go along way!

    Let us know your thoughts.



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