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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / His behaviour is strange. What should be done about it?

Topic: His behaviour is strange. What should be done about it?

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. goldilocks
    goldilocks avatar
    43 posts
    27 April 2020

    I have been attracted to someone for a very long time, and I think they have some sort of personality disorder or social disorder? He is attracted to me too, and finally admitted to it last year. I have tried to speak to him on multiple occasions in order to start a conversation with him, but he has simply ignored me or has not acknowledged my presence. He does this often. I spoke with a colleague of his only to find that this man sits at the lunch table alone and does not interact with anyone at his workplace. Apparently, he ignores people and doesn't acknowledge their presence when they try and communicate with them too. When I spoke to his colleague he also disclosed to me that he was more outgoing when he was slimmer, but he has since put on a lot of weight. I recall having a panic attack in front of this man a few years ago and he was genuinely kind towards me, asking if I needed an ambulance and asking if I would be okay to travel home on his bus. He asked for my age and also asked why he saw me at a particular place earlier that day. I liked the conversation we had and I wish we had more of them. I like him a lot, but nothing can be done about it now unfortunately. He has since been ignoring me.

    I just think his behaviour is bizarre. Why do you think he is so strange towards myself and other people? Can anyone on here relate or had a similar experience?

  2. smallwolf
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    smallwolf avatar
    5194 posts
    27 April 2020 in reply to goldilocks

    Would it be fair to say that you are both communicating with each other?

    There are a myriad of reasons why he might be behaving the way you see him. Without asking him you are unlikely to find out what the issue is. And whatever the situation is being there and supporting him like you would a friend, perhaps a little more gently he might open up with you.

    There are pages on the beyond blue website for supporting someone. I don't have my laptop at the moment otherwise I would post the link. It might be different from supporting someone with depression, but sitting down with someone and showing empathy and you care can be the greatest gift. Your posting here shows you do care about him.

    Best of luck.

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  3. goldilocks
    goldilocks avatar
    43 posts
    28 April 2020 in reply to smallwolf


    No, we d not speak to each other. We have never really spoken to each other except on two separate occasions. I am unable to ask him as to why he behaves the way he does as he would simply ignore me! I care about the man so much but he unfortunately does not care about me.

  4. goldilocks
    goldilocks avatar
    43 posts
    3 May 2020 in reply to smallwolf
    So, he blocks me on Facebook yet he is starting to stare at me again. I am sick of these games that he plays to confuse me. I'm too good for this. What's the go?
  5. LexiJane
    LexiJane avatar
    10 posts
    14 May 2020 in reply to goldilocks

    Hi goldilocks!

    I sympathize with how confusing this must be for your emotions. In my experience, it's likely nothing that you have done wrong, but rather it may be that there is a potential lack of maturity in other people in your situation.

    I think you're right in saying you're too good for this situation. You have a lot to offer and I wouldn't get hung up someone who doesn't want to put in effort.

    Many well wishes!


  6. SapereAude
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    SapereAude avatar
    129 posts
    27 May 2020

    Hi Goldilocks.

    Maybe you could ask this person if they would like to catch up for a coffee at a coffee shop / café when suitable to do so. Have a general chat about things, if you feel he may open up, suggest another meetup. If he appears disinterested, well at least you tried. If you still want to follow up, that's great, perhaps a phone call to ask RUOK and let him know that you are there if he needs to chat. Hopefully things go well and this can lead to a happy friendship. It may not be easy though.. Take care.

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