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Topic: Don't know much about this sort of stuff

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  1. Laura B
    Laura B avatar
    2 posts
    1 November 2020
    Hi I've never been on these sorts of sites before, and never seen a therapist or psychologist or anything like that. I feel like i have problems that I've been struggling to solve on my own for a long time, but I feel like seeing a therapist of something won't really do anything, because I know how i can fix, or at least try to fix these problems, but I don't have the will power or motivation to stick to these solutions. I guess I just want to know whether I can use this website for this sort of things, or I should try and get professional help.
  2. Ggrand
    Community Champion
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    9372 posts
    1 November 2020 in reply to Laura B

    Hello Dear Laura,

    A very warm and caring welcome to the forums..

    We are pleased to see you here..

    Yes you’re very welcome to use these forums to reach out for help in helping you to stay motivated...Which I find my motivation most time non existent.....There are so many different thread on here with self help tips...You might find something that you haven’t thought of as yet that you might want to try...

    You’re welcome to talk here anytime you feel up to..and you can join in any conversation you feel up to...whether your reaching out for help or giving your support to others .

    Looking forward to seeing you around these forums..and welcome to our community family...

    This is your thread and your welcome to talk here about what ever you need to talk about...We are a very caring community and non judgmental...

    My kind thoughts with care..


  3. mocha delight
    mocha delight  avatar
    547 posts
    1 November 2020 in reply to Laura B
    Hi Laura b first welcome and second I agree with everything Ggrand said but if you do find you need the extra help/support then it won’t hurt to seek it out from any type of mental health professional that your gp recommends. But only tip I’d give you is if you need/decide to go down that road is get a list of recommend mh professionals incase any you call and can’t in to see them. As that happened to me but I didn’t want to bother my gp with something so trifle so I went to the “find a professional” section here on the website when I first checked it out before joining and I found the current psychologist I’m now seeing.

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