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Topic: Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on September & October

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  1. Sophie_M
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    18 October 2021

    Hi Everyone

    We acknowledge as communities across Australia experience an easing of lockdown restrictions this can bring about overwhelming feeling and emotions for some. Please know there is support available to work through any difficult moments. It’s likely that others here may be going through something similar, so feel free to join in and connect across the different forum sections. 

    Community Voices: What are people talking about?

    Family Conflict/Breakdown

    Hi everyone, has anyone else had a difficult time connecting with their spouse's family? Or any advice appreciated. I have been with my partner for almost 2 years and its great but I don't feel loved by their family. They are never intentionally rude to me nor have they said anything directly to me to upset me, but I get the feeling they just don't care or want to make an effort to get to know me. - w1nn1e (Read more here)

    The last week has been rough for me. I've been constantly thinking about the future for myself and my family. I'm just an average 18 year old and my life cycle repeats itself everyday - attending online lectures for Uni, chatting with friends and doing what I enjoy. Recently I woke up to my parents having a massive argument in the backyard, I could overhear some of the things they were saying, including my mum telling my dad to move out. My parents argue a lot, but most of the time it's only over small things... so I guess that day was just overbearing for the both of them. - Xenoviah (Read more here)

    Health Anxiety

    I thought I had my health anxiety under control, but over the past month I've gone into the doctors maybe 10 or so times for various reasons, and honestly, if I could go in everyday, I would. – 44Max44 (Read more here

    I have been suffering health anxiety on and off for over 30 years. Currently going through a rough patch again and waiting to have an ultrasound. My anxiety is very high at the moment and my mind will not slow down thinking all negative thoughts. - Tugboat (Read more here

    Coping During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Vaccines

    I'm getting my 1st Covid Vaccination today and its causing major anxiety, I'm actually not as worried about myself but I'm seriously having anxiety about my 17 year old daughter, I left the decision up to her if she wanted to take it as she is 6 months off 18 and figured it should be a decision she makes, and now I wish she had decided not to have it, recently the Dr put me on medication to help with the anxiety but these feelings Im having about my daughter are so overwhelming I can't stop worrying about her having it. - Rainbowpolly (Read more here

    I’ve recently begun having panic attacks I’m slowly learning to de escalate myself from them. I’d love some insight on fearing the fear or living in a state of apprehension as this is how I can best describe my anxiety at the moment. I think subconsciously as I’m not always aware what I was thinking when it happens that I may be sort of stuck in this state of anticipation of something happening. My anxiety was centred mostly around the vaccine oddly it peaked after having it and I started fixating on the physical symptoms of what I assume is the anxiety… - Moonchild 11:11 (Read more here)

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    Valued Contributor Award

    Our Valued Contributors for the months of September and October are ‘mmMekitty’ and ‘On The Road’!

    mmMekitty has been nominated for creating a friendly space across the forums for others to join in and share their journey. mmMekitty also makes sure that others feel validated as well as appreciated for their contributions on the forums.

    On The Road has been nominated for always checking in on other community members and approaching conversations with a high level of empathy, while offering honest insights about how they coped with their own mental health challenges.

    Thank you mmMekitty and On The Road !

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