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Topic: Feeling so alone

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  1. Shootingstars
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    5 August 2019
    I am currently suffering severe depression and anxiety/PTSD as a result of work. I have been with the same employer for 25 years and for the last 10 years my role has seen me dealing, on a day to day basis, with people who find themselves in very difficult situations. The best way to explain my role would be similar to a 000 dispatch officer in that you are dealing with these issues on a daily basis. Over the last 3 years my mental health has deteriorated significantly but I continued to work (not just regular hours but significant overtime as well). 12 months ago a Dr advised that I had work related PTSD and I attended 6 session of hypnotherapy (at my own expense). After completing the sessions I presented my workplace with a letter from the doctor advising that I was suffering work related PTSD and copies of the invoices seeking reimbursement. My initial communication with my employer was simply ignored as were the two follow up emails that I sent. The workplace was/is fully aware that my issues have been caused by my work but refuse to really acknowledge or deal with it in anyway. Early this year my condition deteriorated significantly and I was finally unable to cope at all (constant crying, inability to sleep properly, not wanting to leave the house, isolating myself etc etc). A workers compensation claim was lodged and while initially accepted has recently been declined as a result of an IME report stating that there is nothing wrong with me. As if things were not bad enough for me already, now I have one doctor who I know is not really independent, review me for 30 minutes and then spend the next 1.5 hours doing psychological testing to decide theirs nothing wrong. I am currently seeing my GP and a good psychologist. This decision had seen me spiral even further into that big black hole. There are times when I just want to give up, for now my daughter is the one thing keeping me here. I am a single mother to a teenage daughter and try my best to be strong for her but with my issues I am left feeling very unsupported and alone. I have a couple of friends but don’t like burdening people with my problems so choose to isolate myself. I have plenty of leave accrued so I can use my own leave to be off work to get better but I just don’t feel like I’m ever going to come out of this. My illness is hard enough to deal with without someone telling you there’s actually nothing wrong.
  2. geoff
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    6 August 2019 in reply to Shootingstars

    Hello Shootingstar, and a warm welcome to the forums.

    I'm really sorry for you have been through, but can I suggest you contact a lawyer who handles workers compensation on a no-win no fee basis.

    Will get back to you but please reply.

    Best wishes.


  3. White Rose
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    6 August 2019 in reply to Shootingstars

    Dear Shootingstar

    Hello and welcome to the forum. It's good you have found your way here. I am so sorry you are going through this tough time. Accepting responsibility for their actions is often hard for employers.

    I see Geoff has recommended you consult a lawyer on a no-win no-fee basis. While it sounds good there is still significant expense involved regardless of the outcome. We have been convinced that the no-win basis is a reasonable and safe offer but that's not the case. The lawyer will still charge for various expenses as the case progresses and these do not come under the no-win scenario. Should you decide on this option please make sure you know which expenses you will be responsible for regardless of the outcome, the likely amount and preferably get it in writing.

    You will also be paying a large sum to the lawyers from any compensation. Please make sure you know and understand the consequences for your future health and treatment from Medicare. Once you have received compensation from anyone you will no longer be able to claim Medicare refunds for that medical condition. In this instance any ongoing therapy for your PTSD will come from your pocket as it is assumed your compensation will cover this for the rest of your life.

    Sorry to upset you in any way. I feel people need to know the conditions of no-win no-fee offers. The Medicare part is standard for any compensation claim. Look it up on the Medicare web site.

    What is an IME report? Do you have a copy? I hope both your GP and psychologist are prepared to back up your claim.You can challenge the WorkCover decision.

    I feel I may have added to your woes which is certainly not intended. However these situations can cause more stress than the original cause. You can speak to a lawyer for free by going to the Women's Legal Service in your state. They will not take on the management of your case but will give you one or two free sessions with a lawyer. Keep all receipts for any treatment you receive.

    I am so sorry you are being upset in this fashion. As you say it's hard enough already without your employer making matters worse. Please use this forum to talk about your difficulties. We can offer you support.


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