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Topic: Hello

14 posts, 0 answered
  1. Clean freak
    Clean freak  avatar
    1 posts
    28 April 2021

    Hi ,

    My name is Daniella. I’m 50 years old and was diagnosed with a few mental illnesses when I was 46. After suffering a severe breakdown (my second), I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder with agoraphobia. So as you can see my challenges are big on most days, but I had the worst episode 2 months ago and am now trying to keep positive everyday and when I feel well, I push my boundaries. Baby steps is what I’m achieving and I’m trying to stay focused. A big “hello” to everyone on here!

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  2. NatV
    NatV avatar
    1 posts
    28 April 2021 in reply to Clean freak

    Hello Daniella!

    My name is Natasha and I'm a newbie, just signed up this morning to this wonderful resource. Thank you for reaching out and saying a big hello to us and sharing your story. I am an anxiety/depression sufferer, which has become a daily battle. On a waiting list to see a psychologist and hoping the sessions will help me make sense of these physical and mental symptoms I'm experiencing.

    Like you said- Baby steps to stay focused and positive is what we need to do. It is very hard and easier said than done but with encouragement, support and self motivation we can do this!

    Are you amazed by how much love and support there is out there? I cant believe how much people are really struggling and suffering and all the assistance and support that is offered. Maybe because I never needed to deal with mental health on this scale before like I do now.

    Please know that you are not alone and your baby steps and an achievement and you should be so proud 😊

  3. Katyonthehamsterwheel
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    Katyonthehamsterwheel avatar
    1543 posts
    28 April 2021

    Two gorgeous, uplifting posts! Thanks, members :)

    A big welcome to you both. It's so lovely to have you here. I hope you stick around and keep sharing.

    Katy :)

  4. S D
    Valued Contributor
    • A special award for members who go above and beyond to support others here on the forums
    S D avatar
    58 posts
    28 April 2021 in reply to Clean freak
    Hello Daniella and welcome to the forums!
    Thanks for sharing a little bit about your journey and happy to hear you're taking these steps, what small steps are you focused on at the moment? I like the idea of taking one baby step at a time, it's all about gradual progress. Cheers!
  5. mocha delight
    mocha delight  avatar
    515 posts
    28 April 2021 in reply to Clean freak
    Hi clean freak I’m 32 and not been officially diagnosed with anything yet but my psychologist has mentioned to me that I have depression (clinical depression), social anxiety and general anxiety but who knows what else. Welcome and if you ever need to chat I’m here for you ok.
  6. Chunty
    Chunty avatar
    102 posts
    29 April 2021 in reply to Clean freak

    Hi Daniella. A big and warm welcome to the community. You will find the people in the community, caring, accepting, non judgemental and lovely. Yes you have alot on your plate and I can see that you are doing your utmost best to keep going and be positive. I know it is hard and a struggle. But you did well reaching out to the community, because it sure helps and support. I too am a Borderline Personality Disorder among other things. I have to go now, as Im tired and not feeling the best. Im glad to be in the forum. Take care and do keep in touch, ie if you want to. I will be happy to hear from you though Chunty😊

  7. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021 in reply to NatV

    Hi Natasha,

    I am an anxiety sufferer too.Its also a daily struggle for me.

    I have seen many psychologists in the past 4 years. 2 years of that focused on my past. I am now focusing on the present and future. It was hard to find a good psychologist. If therapy makes you feel worse, look for a different therapist!

    Thankyou for your response and I wish you all the best! Stay strong!

  8. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel
    Thank you Katy. I'm looking forward to joining the BB community😊
  9. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021 in reply to S D

    Thank you SD for your welcome! You asked what small steps I'm taking so my main areas I'm working on at the moment is:

    Sleep diary

    Personal hygiene

    Community group ( with a support worker)

    Doing one thing I enjoy everyday

    Driving once a week

    i know to most people this seems easy, but after experiencing my worst ever episode 2 months ago, these thins are a daily struggle for me. Thank you for being interested and showing support!

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  10. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021 in reply to mocha delight

    Hi Mocha delight,

    Thankyou for responding to me.Anxiety is a daily struggle for me too. Try to have understanding and positive people around you, this will really help. It's took 3 years for my family to understand my mental illnesses but I'm lucky they now get it. My husband has never left my side and has been a motivator and tower of strength. Good kind friends can also make all the difference. I wish you all the very best on your journey!

  11. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021

    Hi Chunty,

    So happy to meet another BPD! Lol! Our emotions get the better of us sometimes, but now I'm diagnosed I understand why I react the way I do. I have learnt to focus on my thoughts and talk myself through them. Also deep breathing and meditation has helped. I hope you are feeling better and thank you for your post.

    For some reason my old account was Dani70 and all my posts are listed under that name......

  12. Dani70
    Dani70 avatar
    8 posts
    30 April 2021 in reply to Clean freak
    Clean freak and clean freak are the same people...
  13. Chunty
    Chunty avatar
    102 posts
    3 May 2021 in reply to Dani70

    Hello Dani 70. Nice to hear from you. I sure like your sense of humour. Us BPDs I reckon have got character. It is a difficult diagnosed, but some how orother with support we get by. It is hard work with the diagnoses of Depression and Anxiety, but there are some good days too. I must say I like your style and I did have a chuckle.Take care and plod along. Toodle doo. Chunty😋

  14. Chunty
    Chunty avatar
    102 posts
    17 May 2021

    Hi Dani 70. It,s me again, your fellow BPD sufferer. How are you going? Today I went to see the Psychiatrist first session. Pretty freaky. Concentrating on my BPD and traumas in my life. Having to talk abot them was like re-living them again. I try to put the thoughts away, but I can sure understand how I developed the ghastly diagnosis. It is so hard, I hurt alot and just suffer. He has come up with suggestions to work with my psychologist and make some adjustments with my medications in the next session. Guess what, the darling bulked billed me. Couldnt believe it.How are you coping? How do you deal with rejections ? Isnt it an aweful mental illness?Do keep in touch with me Dani70. We can support each other. On the other hand, I dont want to pressure you. It is your choice, but the offer is there.. I wont hold it against you if you dont ok? So dont worry. Hang on there Dani70 and do whatever strategys you have to help you.Take care. Chunty🐯🐱

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