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Topic: New Member

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  1. sunshine25
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    13 May 2019

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd just like to introduce myself briefly. I have always struggled with symptoms of anxiety and recently, battling a constant state of sadness as well. My siblings have all struggled with mental illness and I guess I've never let known my feelings because I don't want my mum and family going through any more pain than they have. My whole life, I've always been described as 'happy' and 'bubbly' by others, always giving them help but have found it really hard to admit and seek help myself. Although I manage to get out of bed everyday and live like what looks to be a 'normally functioning lifestyle', I find myself crying and feeling a sense of worthlessness everyday when I'm alone. I haven't quite found the courage to speak to someone face to face but found myself at breaking point today, looking for help on the internet. I found this forum and found solace in reading everyone's stories knowing I'm not alone. This is my first step.

  2. quirkywords
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    14 May 2019 in reply to sunshine25

    Welcome sunshine,

    Well done for making your first post.

    It can be so hard pretending to be happy and acting out going when all you want to do is cry.

    I am glad you found this forum and have read others stories

    This is your first step and you will find people here very supportive.

    I think acknowledging to yourself that things are not going well is a good start and then being honest with yourself and others will also help.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.


    Would you consider talking to someone on a support line just to organise your thoughts. Beyong Blue has a support line 1300 224636 that offers support advice action.

  3. therising
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    15 May 2019 in reply to sunshine25

    A warm welcome to the forum sunshine25!

    Dealing with mental health issues is definitely a challenge (putting it mildly). We can be taught a number of skills growing up, from tying our shoelaces through to managing money, yet there are areas of skill which are rarely touched on; managing our mental well-being is typically one of them.

    Of course, the 1st step in managing our mental well-being involves being conscious of where it's at. Acknowledging there's an issue that needs to be addressed is a good start, as Quirky mentioned. The next step involves asking the question 'How am I going to manage this?' I'm glad you've reached this 2nd stage. You're beginning to managing through support and encouragement, by coming here. I believe the next stage involves self-understanding and the next is perhaps skill development through newfound self-understanding.

    Understanding how our brain ticks gives insight regarding our mental abilities and challenges. Understanding how our body ticks gives insight regarding our physical/biological self. If we wish to cover the spiritual aspect, this too gives insight in regard to how we work on a whole other level (our interconnection with the world around us). By the way, some will call this 3rd aspect 'quantum physics'. Whether it's anxiety or depression we are battling with, both conditions impact mind, body and spirit. Depression: Challenging thoughts/beliefs can lead to physical symptoms involving things like lethargy, tears and even nausea in severe cases. As understandable and painful self-focus takes over, there is a sense of disconnection from the world. Anxiety: Challenging thoughts/beliefs can lead to physical symptoms involving increased heart rate, dizziness and nausea. As mental and physical changes take over, there can be an overwhelming sense of disconnection. We are definitely complex creatures with a triad of incredible energies taking place at any given time. Holistic insight is a powerful tool for self-understanding.

    I know it may not seem like it at the moment sunshine25 but you are not al all worthless for you are a holistic miracle of energy in a neat little package, known as a human being. Understanding the miracle that you are means unwrapping a gift to the world, that gift being you.

    Take care and continue seeking understanding; there is a deeper part of you that craves this

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