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Topic: recently diagnosed BPD

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  1. falldown7timesstandup8
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    16 September 2020


    I have recently been diagnosed with complex PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. I have always known since a young teenager that something wasn't right, I didnt know what or why I was so hypersensitive with EVERYTHING especially when it came to the slightest of disagreements with friends, former partners and current. I havent started therapy as yet due to corona virus, the waiting list is long. how ever i have been educating myself on this illness I've been managing to cope with for the past 16 years, just.

    I am wondering if anyone else out there have been recently diagnosed, or if anyone feels comfortable enough to share their story and how they feel therapy has helped them? I have been warned by my GP that on the first couple consultations I will have to go back to my childhood and talk about the trauma, so I am intrigued to know about other's experiences with this kind of therapy.

    Having BPD is hard. and i find myself a lot of the time asking myself, is this my BPD talking or is this really happening? am i overreacting or am i being reasonable?

    thank you

  2. smallwolf
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    21 September 2020 in reply to falldown7timesstandup8

    hi and sorry to see nobody replied to your post. Hopefully now, with my reply someone else might come and respond. It is also a positive you have been educating yourself about all of this as well. If you do a google search for

    beyond blue bpd

    you will find stories from other people and their responses. As far as the overreacting part... your response is normal for you People cannot tell you how you should feel.

    Are there stories (books) you could read on the topics? That is also one way I found to deal with my situation. Do you have any sort of the support team or people you can also talk to? Are there any support groups in your area?

    I hope some of what I said is useful for you,


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  3. monkey_magic
    monkey_magic avatar
    3281 posts
    22 September 2020 in reply to falldown7timesstandup8
    Hi falldown7timedstandup8,

    I like your user name.

    To answer your question yes I've recently been to therapy with a clinical psychologist and have had to relive everything starting from my childhood.

    Overall it's been a pretty hard but good but depressing experience. Those events are now at the forefront of my mind where as before I didn't think about them. The positive is that I've dealt with some buried things.

    Therapy can be exhausting and deeply personal so you have to trust and feel comfortable with the therapist. I'm lucky I have found that person.

    He thinks I have c- PTSD
  4. monkey_magic
    monkey_magic avatar
    3281 posts
    22 September 2020 in reply to falldown7timesstandup8
    Oops...pressed reply before finishing.

    C-PTSD but I'm not sure. Maybe I have some of it, a lighter version perhaps.

    I am thankful for him because he's helping me and he's professional.

    It does feel good getting everything out.

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