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Forums / Welcome and orientation / There is Hope. You will Feel Better

Topic: There is Hope. You will Feel Better

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  1. Steven_90256
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    16 July 2019

    Hi all,

    My beautiful sister recently went through a severe episode of Psychotic Depression that lasted 6 months. We were all shocked as we thought she would be the last person to suffer from this illness.

    She has now recovered and she tells her story here ( . She wants everyone to know there is hope and you will get better. Getting the right support is essential and this forum does an amazing job in doing so.



  2. White Rose
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    16 July 2019 in reply to Steven_90256

    Dear Steven

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for telling us your sister's story. It is unfortunately true that the most unexpected person can have episodes of mental illness. Sadly there is no way of predicting who will and who will not become unwell. I am so pleased for you and your family that your sister has recovered. Please pass on my best wishes to your sister.

    Yes there is always hope and with some work people do bounce back. As you so rightly say, support is the essential ingredient. The really sad part is when someone does not ask for support because they believe either that no one will bother or they cannot burden others by asking for help and support. It is untrue of course and I think many families would be horrified to learn that someone in their family had not asked for help for fear of distressing others.

    It's a difficult message to put across, due in part to community attitudes towards mental illness. At times I get quite hopeful that the community in general is becoming more supportive and at other times I feel despondent because this does not appear to be happening.

    Thank you for your kind words. They are much appreciated. It is such a boost to us all to know this forum is appreciated and used.


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