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Topic: Thought I trial this space to see if for me

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  1. GeminiLion
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    10 posts
    7 May 2020
    I been using Daybreak App (for people who quiting alcohol yet I been sober for 2 years) for personal and looking to replace it. Looking for App or site that I can find comfort when needed to. And I dont want to use social media plus the group on those are usually not very safe for mindfulness even though that the intention. 

    Thought I try here. Trial run. See how it goes. But open to recommendations too.

    Im back on script. I have noticed an improvement. Im a lot carmer. But sleeping!

    Motivation has also drop. Going with flow but I want to find energy as I have projects to do but procastinating. 

    Tonight Im a little confused. Im trying not to take it wrong way or misinterpret. Seen a specialist and he got angry after telling him what another department said (was he accusing me/dont believe me or was he angry about how the other department communicated?). When I got home got two emails from different people. One was suggesting/misunderstanding my correspondence about an order so responded to try and clarify reason for my enquiry. And the other I could not feel but an  open attack or sweet response  to my concern about something. 

    They say it goes in three! At the moment feel like finding a heavy rock.

    Meanwhile I am absolutely loving the isolation and sign me up for expedition to Mars! I always was a loner with no friends and no immediate close family anyway (I do care for dad though who lives elsewhere). I started avoiding social media a while ago and the news and using less technology. I plan to refuce further. I went for two decades totally by myself so find it weird Im having trouble now. Although before I did have issues but I know how it was, and maybe wasnt so bad. 

    thats my novel tonight. 

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  2. jess334
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    394 posts
    8 May 2020 in reply to GeminiLion
    Hi GeminiLion,

    Welcome aboard. I hope this space helps you find the comfort you need.

    I agree, I'm loving the isolation too. Probably a little too much actually as I'm a bit worried about what will happen when it stops!

    See you around the forums,

    Kind thoughts - Jess

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