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Forums / Welcome and orientation / When life gives you lemons

Topic: When life gives you lemons

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  1. Regine
    Regine avatar
    8 posts
    22 August 2019


    I'm new to this forum & just signed up as a member. I joined because I like reading other experiences & would like to share some of my own. I was abit scared at first to join. But I feel this a good move to share my thoughts & feelings.

    It's good to know I'm not alone on the rollercoaster ride of depression, anxiety & PTSD. I'm currently learning how to handle the episodes I go through. I also see a psych & on meds.

    It has been a rough road but still getting up every morning doing my best. Currently a stay at home mum with a beautiful boy. He is my reason to keep fighting through my battles. Also have a patient partner who has been through all my ups & downs with me & is very supportive. But I tend to shut him out at times & lose my cool. So I'm still a work in progress.


  2. Lilz1983
    Lilz1983 avatar
    1 posts
    22 August 2019 in reply to Regine
    Hi loleini,
    Im also new and just going through some similar things.
    I don't think I'm ready to go into details but when i read your post it hit pretty close to what im dealing with now. I guess i joined as i feel like my marriage is suffering and i wanted to know if its common and how to deal with those around us (family) and if women like me who have a husband and a child can heal.

    Hope things get better for you, its a comfort to know we arent alone in this battle and we need to fight for each day and everything that comes our way.

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  3. Regine
    Regine avatar
    8 posts
    22 August 2019 in reply to Lilz1983

    Hi Lilz!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Relationships can be tricky when your going through the notions. In my experience when I was at the peak of it all I completely shut out my family & Isolated myself & pretty much drained out my partner emotionally. It was a tough road at the beginning plus was a new mum & trying to find the balance.

    But once I finally seeked help & was open to receiving support from family & friends things slowly started to get better.

    I know its miserable spot to be in but you will conquer all your battles & heal from this in time. You'll find your passion again soon & then you'll be thriving. Just take one step at a time. I found journaling to be great way to release the emotions, walking & talking to someone outside of my family circle that I trust.

    Hopefully this is abit of helpful advice. Here anytime if you need a chat x

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