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Topic: Alone

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  1. Lola Lou
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    6 posts
    15 June 2020

    Hey guys

    This is my first time posting on one of these, where do I begin.

    So I recently ended a friendship of 10 years with my best friend, it was my choice ( I had reasons) I did not want to but it had to be done. I have other friends but they all have boyfriends now and I feel like they have ditched me. I feel so alone now I feel like no one cares about me. My own family doesn't understand . I cant go out at the moment as my sister has special needs and cant get sick, so I have to wait until winter is over :( I just dont know what to do, I hate being so alone. I have had so many failed friendships and I dont know why, I try my best to be a good friend. It feels like people take advantage of me as ive been told i am to nice. All I want in life is a group of friends.

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  2. demonblaster
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    7884 posts
    15 June 2020 in reply to Lola Lou

    Hi Lola ☺ welcome to Beyond Blue you did very well on your first post.

    Sounds like you have some heavy hard stuff going on atm in your life.

    It's hard really hard feeling alone and sadly that's quite common for any age but definately doesn't mean it'll be this way all the time.

    The best people to be around in my experience are people you feel completely comfortable with and also that give you some of their time when they can

    It's tricky when friends get a bf because they need time to get to know eachother but I wonder if you talk to them and say how you feel if that might help.

    Other ways of meeting people can be joining a sports club or group whether it be Craft which can be quite varied and fun, or a subject you're interested in at school or a hobby. I imagine there'd be groups around maybe Google.

    Mostly adults are here who are happy to try to help and support you but you might find you can get more support from kidshelpline the no: 1800551800

    If you decide to continue posting here I'll be around when I'm in ok mh. I return later if not straight away.

    All the very best darl. Hope you find this sorts itself in a reasonable time.

    Don't change being nice it's a beautiful quality.

    Cya hun ☺⚘

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