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Topic: Career and mental health

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. AlexDeLoser
    AlexDeLoser avatar
    12 posts
    30 November 2019

    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to share my experience with work, and hopefully take out some advice.

    I'm 20 years old and working at fast food, and I absolutely hate it. The work is so fast-paced (as with everything, anyway. but more so in fast food.). I come to work and immediately uncover my incompetence in even the simplest of tasks. I'm never at ease, I do my best to conform to expectations; I feel like I'm trying to be someone else that i'm not. Coming to work also reminds me of my failures, the reason why I ended up working there in the first place. Also, everyone else there is evidently more intelligent than myself, they're all going to uni and/or working towards their grander ambition, while I'm there because I feel like its the least I can do with my lack of direction in life. I can't reiterate enough how much I hate working there. It's so depressing its not even funny.

    I really want to quit, and I think thats reasonable. I'm anxious going about it. I really don't want to come to work, honestly, I don't even know if I can take it anymore. I feel like I can't do anything but just not turn up, though I'm afraid of the repercussion that might occur i.e getting fired and the company putting in a bad word for me for my next employment.

    I guess what I'm trying to ask of you guys is- Has anyone ever been fired for the same reason or a reason alike or even had any issues with work because of mental illness(es). How do you overcome it? Or how would you even go about it?

    Thanks everyone,


  2. Aaronsis
    Community Champion
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    Aaronsis avatar
    2464 posts
    30 November 2019 in reply to AlexDeLoser

    Hi Alex

    I am so very sorry that your place of employment is causing you this much stress and anxiety. Seeing what you have explained here and how it is making you feel I feel like it is almost essential for you to move on to a new place of work.

    There are many ways in which to resign, I think that this is a much better option that waiting to get fired. I think it will also help you through building some self confidence too, where if you are fired I think that will hurt your self esteem.

    You can actively start looking for other work, it would be good to have a new role to go to,however I feel like your workplace is causing you much anxiety and becoming toxic for you so the sooner the better I feel.

    You can ask your manager for some time to talk, you can mention that you are currently struggling with mental health and therefore need to resign, that you are willing to work out your notice period and then move on. By being respectful this will show your employer a level of respect and make it easier for you to leave amicably.

    I am so sorry this has got you feeling so very bad, it really does make life tough when it is our workplace that is causing issues and we have to go everyday.

    You can make these changes for a happy you Alex, you are not serving a sentence there, it is just a job afterall.

    Much love Alex


  3. Alexstrongsoul
    Alexstrongsoul avatar
    3 posts
    3 December 2019 in reply to AlexDeLoser
    Hi, Alex!
    I’m 25 now, but when I was 20, I worked non full day job. I was a tutor for children and I lived with my parents, while my friends and classmates seemed to be “adult” enough to live alone and do parties. While we were studying, I had that part time job, but after that I’ve found my first “serious” job in office. Firstly, I thought, it was so cool, that from that moment I could move from my parents’ home, live alone and become an ordinary adult person. But that workplace made me crazy, it was so boring and simple for all my ambitions, that I always felt myself sad, anxious permanently humiliated myself because of that work. Every day was a nightmare for me, because I had to go in that office every day.
    I wrote all of these for you to know, that it’s not about your work in fast-food sphere, because I know some people, who more or less like their job in the sphere of public catering. I think, that in your case it’s even good, that you feel that way about your work, because it means, you estimate yourself as an ambitious man, who can and WANT change his life for better.
    By the way, I fired from that office after 2,5 months of work there, whether my parents and colleagues said me it wasn’t a good decision, because I won’t be able to find a new job without any work experience. But I wanted it so strong and I’ve found a nice new workplace with a good salary, because I prepared for it really hard.
    So, the first step to your new job was made by you already, because you’re thinking about its change. So, now, try to search another work place and never give up.

    Good luck, Alex
  4. PaperCrane
    PaperCrane avatar
    1 posts
    4 December 2019 in reply to AlexDeLoser

    Hi Alex,

    I'm 21, and let me tell you that your experience doesn't make me feel alone. I have the exact same issue where I go to work and I don't feel competent enough in my tasks and I feel less than my co-workers because they're successfully going through life in a smooth, clear path and I'm just there at a job I don't feel like I can hold and a life plan that's not going well. I know you might think, "at least you have direction", but trust me, it's bad enough that I also feel like the only thing I can do is just not turn up.

    Since graduating high school three years ago, my mental health with anxiety mainly (but also depression) as really affected my life and my career and education plans. Since then, it's been extremely difficult to find and keep jobs - or even accept them if I passed an interview. My anxiety didn't give me the confidence and I didn't feel competent, which affected my work ethic/performance. 2017-18 I have worked probably only 3-4 jobs for less than a month or two each, they were months apart between employment, I wouldn't even turn up to some of the shifts because i was so anxious, I learned no new skill because I didn't stay for that long so I didn't have any gained experienced to put towards a new job, and want to know why my employment ended so short? Because it has always ended up with me fainting from the stress and anxiety and my employer would let me go (these were cash in hand jobs, no way I was experienced enough for a legit job).

    It wasn't until beginning of this year where I landed a legit job (offered on the job training) that's good, but my health has still affected it in the same ways where I wouldn't turn up to shifts, work performance isn't at it's best, I don't feel competent, I've fainted twice now which loses many potential hours until I'm medically cleared and the financial stress it brings me is insane. In the last two years I have enrolled and tried to complete 4 different TAFE courses, and have withdrawn from three of them within two months and I'm even thinking of withdrawing from the one I'm on break from now, because of the anxiety.

    I'm replying to your post to just give you my own experience so you don't feel like you are the only one struggling at a young age. It feels like sh** being surrounded by people who seem to just moving past you, aye? But one thing I had to learn was patience. Time Moves Forward, understand that at some point things will look better if you persist. Might sound like meh but trust

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