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Forums / Young people / Depression/Anxiety 23 y/o uni student

Topic: Depression/Anxiety 23 y/o uni student

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  1. ImperialArchitect
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    26 May 2021

    Hello all,

    I'm 23 years old and a university student in his final year. I've been studying my degree ever since 2017 and was expected to graduate in 2019 as the degree is only 3 years. Unfortunately my mental health has spiralled out of control over the years and therefore i am still unfortunately studying. I do have pretty consistent anxiety and have had periods of depression. When i'm in heavy periods of stress with my study my mental health tends to take a toll. I have failed so many courses, i've withdrawn from alot of courses, i've retaken courses i've failed and passed, i'm so close to the end of the year to graduate that i can't believe it. I can't believe i've made it this far with all the mental health problems i've had going on. I take an SNRI medication to mostly help my anxiety. I have a problem with binge drinking when i'm stressed or preload hard before i socialise. To me my anxiety and general mental health is like an on and off switch, it comes and goes, it stays consistent for a while or it's almost non existent for a while too. I don't know why it's come to this with my mental health and why i've developed this over the last couple years or so but the fact i've made it this far with my studies is saying something. I have been struggling alot throughout my degree though and i'm surprised i still make it to a new semester.

    I'm also unemployed, i live alone in Brisbane (which has its ups and downs), i tend to overeat or not eat at all, i wake up feeling tired even if i get 7-8 hours, i lose motivation on my studies, i don't exercise, i'm on centrelink (which makes me sad as i feel like a bludger), i don't have much of a social life because of my anxiety but my family understands my issues. My options are to stay in Brisbane to work casually until i find a full time job with my degree as i near graduation or go back home as my lease runs out next month where i have a supporting family & i will also work. I plan to save up money and move back to Brisbane where I believe this time i spend back home will allow me to focus on my last semester online, work on my mental health and also physical health. Essentially being back home for a few months to recuperate might be better for my sanity but i'm still unsure.

  2. james1
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    27 May 2021 in reply to ImperialArchitect

    Hey ImperialArchitect,

    Welcome to the forums!

    First, congratulations on getting so close to finishing your degree despite all the mental health challenges. I had a bad period of depression during my honours year, so I understand how hard it is to study while battling depression. In my case, I ended up dropping out of honours because I didn't want to risk any further burn-out as I was trying to work at the same time.

    It sounds like you have a lot on your mind which is making coping with your depression and anxiety more challenging - your study, employment, rent - hopefully finishing your study and perhaps moving back will lighten this load a bit.

    In my own experience, dropping my honours and just focussing on getting a routine after my subsequent depression and break-up, really helped me find a bit more of a stable footing where I wasn't feeling so overwhelmed by everything. It sounds like you are thinking of doing something similar by focussing on your mental and physical health.

    Have you run your ideas about moving back to Brisbane with family and friends? Are they also supportive of your thoughts?


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