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Forums / Young people / I don’t fit in

Topic: I don’t fit in

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Forrest_123
    Forrest_123 avatar
    33 posts
    5 February 2020
    I know this isn’t particularly important but I don’t fit in at school. Everyone has Instagram and Snapchat, the latest iPhone, AirPods and unlimited trips to the canteen (all paid for by parents) I am 13 almost 14 and I can’t have Instagram and my almost 16 year old sister still can’t have Snapchat yet. I still have a glitchy iPhone 6, no AirPods, no canteen trips allowed and not a whole lot of pocket money. I feel really left out and my parents get mad when I try to talk to them about it
  2. Matchy69
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    7415 posts
    5 February 2020 in reply to Forrest_123

    Hi Forrrest their seems to be so much pressure on fitting in and having the latest things.It was the same when i was in school and it was 30 years ago and my parents struggled with money.We had a black and white tv no vidioe recorder that everyone else had.Later in life i found it really didnt matter having the latest things.I realise now how much my parents gave up for us kids and how much love they had for you.I know you want those things to fit in and feel like your the same as everybody else.It must suck when your parents dont listen to you.Maby they would likebto give you those things but cant afford these things.It is really tough being a parent and the love you have for your kids is an incredible thing.

    Take care,


  3. - Brayden -
    - Brayden -  avatar
    6 posts
    8 February 2020 in reply to Forrest_123

    Hey there. Just please be aware your posts are important because you are like anyone else on here, searching for help.

    I understand that your big problem is that you aren't fitting in with kids in your class that have "High technology".

    You don't need to fit in the be someone, you yourself is fine. Having a glitchy phone though isn't any fun. I know, I have a glitchy Optus X phone. If you want to be like the other kids can I suggest working to earn the money to get what you dream of getting? Before you do all this you need to think:

    Do I need this?

    Or do I want it so I can look cool around others..?

    Earning money for this is simple, You could work for Salmat (Brochure company) and distribute their brochures, you could work for your local paper company and distribute their papers, or you could work at a store you like.

    Just to clarify, however, you don't need AirPods, an iPhone 11 to be cool, I'm sure there are plenty of kids in your school that are just like you! All you gotta do is be open to meet them.

    Best Wishes!

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