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Forums / Young people / I dont know who i am anymore

Topic: I dont know who i am anymore

  1. therising
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    3 September 2021 in reply to Unicorndogge

    Hi Unicorndogge

    These are truly bizarre times, that's for sure, times that are bringing out some truly bizarre behaviours in some. In others, I believe this time in history is bringing out their true nature as sensitive people.

    For sensitive people, they can be sensitive to the need for direction through challenge, sensitive to the need for solutions to problems, sensitive to the need for self understanding in the way of navigating their mental, physical and spiritual health. From my experience, sensitive people tend to feel needs more deeply than most. Sometimes these needs can prove painful in a number of ways, especially when the path ahead is not clear and especially when it's lacking guidance and some degree of self awareness. All we have to do is have a look at the number of self help books on the market. They reflect a need, otherwise they wouldn't sell so well. By the way, I much prefer to refer to such books as 'Let me share what I hope will make a difference to you' books, because I believe this is the overall message most of these authors are trying to convey.

    What needs do you feel these days Unicorndogge? Perhaps one may be the need to understand people more, to make better sense of them.

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