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Forums / Young people / I just need to talk.

Topic: I just need to talk.

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  1. UpShipCreek
    UpShipCreek avatar
    2 posts
    6 May 2019

    Hi, I don’t have any friends left and I need to talk but I have no one who will listen.

    I’m 25 and My life sucks.


    I had 2 friends. One friend doesn’t care about me so I haven’t talked to her in a while because she makes me feel bad about myself. Everything is about how everything’s worse for her and I tried to cancel plans with her because my grandad was in icu and she said to me ‘okay, but I’m not happy with you’ this was a week after my second friend hurt me badly because I’m ‘too poor’ to go have coffee with him... after he is always busy and I’m always a second thought to him.


    my job sucks. It’s low paying and I can’t afford anything. I got a written warning the other day because apparently I’m not happy enough. I’m not happy to be here anymore as it set my anxiety off..


    i live with my mum and brother and they’re always mean to me. They both smoke in the house and I quit a year ago but they don’t help and my brother just says it’s 2 against one and my mum always takes his side in things and yells at me for everything even when it’s okay for my brother to do..

    if I clean the house I get in troubled for not doing something else and vise versa. I’m always getting in trouble for things and I don’t understand why..

    I don’t want people telling me to move out of home because I can’t afford it. I don’t want people saying change jobs because I’m trying and no one will hire me right now. I try to talk to people and they throw it back in my face.

    My mother her even told me I don’t have a right to feel the way I do. I just want everything to stop.

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  2. Beth&co
    Beth&co avatar
    20 posts
    6 May 2019 in reply to UpShipCreek

    Hey there and welcome to the forums;

    Your situation certainly seems dismal. I'm sorry about that. Being sad and isolated from friends and family can really get to you, especially when they're in the room but aren't 'there' if this makes sense. I totally understand this predicament I can assure you.

    Wanting others to respond the way you'd like and being disappointed over and again has worn you down. I get that, absolutely. Can I ask if what you were told at work has any merit? Would you come across as sad all the time? Unfortunately, appearing this way can overwhelm people; they just don't know what to say.

    I'm wondering if you've spoken to your GP about it. Maybe talking with a counselor or psychologist will shed some light on your situation. They're there just for you and won't talk about their own lives as friends or family do. This helps to sort through your thoughts and feelings and hopefully identify what the problem might be and how to approach things.

    Talking here can be a relief too. You know, getting it all out without being interrupted and receiving empathy and support so you don't feel so alone. You're really brave to come on board and ask for help by the way so well done!

    Also, if you look around the forum for threads that might be interesting to you, please join in. There's people from all walks of life probably feeling very similar to you. Talking with members can shed light on your situation. It sort of works that way; give support to receive support is BeyondBlue's motto.

    I hope things improve hun. Reaching out as you have is a gutsy move and I'm sure will pay dividends. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Please take care...

  3. AshBash
    AshBash avatar
    1 posts
    6 May 2019 in reply to UpShipCreek

    This so reminds me of me when I was your age. I thought the world hates me, anything I did no-one appreciate it. I always had to call my friends and families, they didn't call me. If I was broke, no one wanted to hang out with me, always with my brother. Most of my so-called friends ditch me but made new ones that respected me and enjoyed hanging out with me. My families and friends still barely talk to me but I know if I let them bring me down, I won't get anywhere in life. For example, I am Christian, studying to be a Chaplain, but no matter what I do it doesn't seem to make them happy. But after some time, I learned that just because the world appears to hate me, doesn't mean I can't live my life the way I want to.

    My advice is to first move out, there is plenty of shared accommodation out there or 1 bedroom house. It may seem hard at first but it will be a lot easier in the end.

    Secondly, look for another job whilst you have that one

    For your friends, talk to them. Explain your side, but do listen to them what they want to say. Dont be rude or upset when they voice their opinion.

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  4. UpShipCreek
    UpShipCreek avatar
    2 posts
    6 May 2019 in reply to AshBash

    It’s too expensive to move out even in a shared house. I have to take my big dog with me and that triples the rent.

    Im already looking for a new job but I feel like my current work will fire me before I get one.

    i can’t talk to my so called ‘friends’ because I have already tired and they don’t understand, and have literally said they don’t care. They’re not my friends anymore

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