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Forums / Young people / I’ve been having reoccurring nightmares

Topic: I’ve been having reoccurring nightmares

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  1. Eyes louder than words
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    4 September 2020
    I’ve been having atleast one nightmare every night for the past two or so weeks. I was diagnosed with both social and general anxiety 3 years ago so It could play a part in it. Its got to the point I’m scared to sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow morning and it’s currently 1am :(. Tonight, just after I closed my eyes to sleep I saw this doorway and then all of a sudden this dog looking monster thing jumped out at me and as it hit me my body filled with terror and I jumped and opened my eyes again. This is the first one I’ve managed to actually remember properly all the other nights I just remember jumping and waking up and my body is full of fear and I feel like my hearts going crazy. I’m honestly so scared to sleep and I’m 18 so i thought this wouldn’t happen
  2. Ggrand
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    4 September 2020 in reply to Eyes louder than words

    Hello eyes louder then words..

    Welcome to the forums..

    I can relate to you having nightmares of a night, and waking up in panic mode...I think myself personally that if we go to sleep without calming our mind these nightmares become more frequent..

    I started meditating at night once I got into bed, then I would listen to a peaceful sleep story on you tube, most times I fall asleep before the person telling the story has finished...and I find the nightmares are not happening that much anymore....maybe you could try doing something like that once you get into bed...

    Can I ask you if you have professional help with your anxiety...or have you spoken to your gp about your nightmares..your GP..might set you up on a mental health care plan if he/she thinks it will benefit you..

    Also deep breathing can help to calm your racing heart when you wake in panic...Slowly in counting to 4 slowly..then hold for 5 then out for the count of 7 slowly releasing your air...then repeat a few times...

    Please look after yourself the best you can..and talk here anytime you feel up to it or in need of some support..

    My kindest thoughts with care..


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