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Forums / Young people / Moved school, now really want to move back

Topic: Moved school, now really want to move back

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  1. madeofmilo
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    18 February 2020
    So i'm facing a dilemma right now and I was looking to get some advice or opinions on how to approach this. Long story short last year I was doing year 11 however missed the first term of year 12 due to an injury and so I have had to repeat year 11. The school I was originally at I enjoyed and had friends however I didn't want to repeat at the same school and the academics isn't the best there so I moved to a catholic all girls school. Since starting around 3/4 weeks ago I have been having an extremely hard time coping with it. Everyday I dread going to school and am unable to concentrate fully during class as I feel so bad. Im missing the old subjects I did at my old school that aren't offered here and the girls at this school are quite unfriendly and rude. Going to school is unbearable to the point I come home and cry for hours. I've asked my mum if I can go back but she wants me to wait because she thinks it will get better, everyday that goes by just gets worse and I feel like I can't do it anymore, I can't wait for it to maybe get better. I just want to be back at my old school even if it means being in the year below because I can't stand this all girls strict catholic school it makes me feel so awful. Sorry if this was long but yea if anyone has any thoughts or advice.
  2. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    19 February 2020 in reply to madeofmilo

    Hi there

    Sorry you're having a hard time! Your mum is probably right that it will get better, but that doesn't help right now does it? I wonder if you've had a good chat with her and told her how you feel, and that you're pretty unhappy with things? She'll be better positioned to support you if she's fully aware of how you feel. Aside from that is there a school counsellor you could have a chat to? They might be able to offer you some help or advice too.

    Come back and chat more if you like. Katy

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