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Forums / Young people / Moving to new School Now I want to move back, should I ?

Topic: Moving to new School Now I want to move back, should I ?

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  1. Jerome17
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    4 February 2020

    Hi i'm Jerome and i have recently just started year 11, i just moved into my nan's in the city from the western suburbs, since Christmas and i'm used to the house, but what i'm not used to is my new school I've moved to. Been here for 3 days and absolutely hate it its sucks because its such a small school and its is so so different to my old school, its full of students on visas and a lot of kids who cant talk English. This year also only has 30 kids in it and there basically no one . I also hate the teachers here as they seem to not care. Also in my last period yesterday i almost cried cause i feel so depressed

    I have the option to move back to my old school where i have friends and know all the teachers and get along but the thing is it takes me 1 Hr and 30 minutes to travel there by train every morning and afternoon is it worth it? and im not sure if i want to do my absolute best in atar as im not a hard studying student and was thinking of doing a trade

    So Should i Move back ?

  2. Matchy69
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    4 February 2020 in reply to Jerome17

    Hi i just welcome you to this forum.

    You sound very down about your new school.I have a daughter in year 11 and she has been struggling with going to school the last 12 months.She wants herAtar score to.Her school has about 180 students with about 30 in each grade.I remember when i started a new school and how hard it was for me.It is hard for you when you dont like the teachers and other students.To go back to your old school sounds like a long way and one and half hours is really a long travel time and will certainly take it out of you and i would think effect your study.Is their anyone at your new school like a teacher or councilor that you would feel comfortable to talk to? Do you think you can try a bit longer at your new school and see how it goes.Time some times help.

    This is a great place to talk and hope things improve for you.

    Take care,


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