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Forums / Young people / My body doesn't match me.

Topic: My body doesn't match me.

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  1. Buddy Pal Guy
    Buddy Pal Guy avatar
    14 posts
    17 February 2021


    I hate talking about this but I can't stop letting these negative thoughts interrupt my daily life. I hate my body. And worst of all, I hate it in ways that I can't do anything about. It stops me from doing things. My insecurity limits my happiness. I spend hours deliberating about whether or not I should go out and see my friends, because then I'd have to get dressed and they'd see me and I'd exist outside in the world to be freely percieved. I dread going to work (not just because I don't like my job) because I have to get out of my pajamas and once again be percieved. I kind of wish I could stay in my room forever.

    I'm a 5'9 19 year old female (that's pretty tall). I really hate my height. I know it's not even ludicrous on paper, but I'm already such a shy and insecure person. I wish I could shrink down and be smaller; I feel like I stand out. I know I'm not even excessively tall. I just don't like it and I feel that my body doesn't match me at all. I feel that I appear more masculine than I would like, because I'm on the tall side and sort of have broad shoulders.

    I know this isn't a real problem so it's sort of embarassing and silly to complain about, but it's something that affects me a lot. I'm so awkward and I feel like I just loom over most people like a big stupid giant or something.

    Anyways that's my blown-out-of-proportion qualm for the day. Really not a big deal but feels like the end of the world.

  2. Mudcakes
    Mudcakes avatar
    65 posts
    17 February 2021 in reply to Buddy Pal Guy

    I’m 16, female. 6 foot.

    Social phobia. NVLD(which can cause major cause clumsiness)

    I understand completely. I hate how tall I am. People always mention it. “Like I get it, yes I’m tall.” I also really dislike my shoulders and my chest area. Like my breasts are too small for my body. So I get it. You are not alone. 💜

    Mudcakes 🐕‍🦺🎂

  3. Buddy Pal Guy
    Buddy Pal Guy avatar
    14 posts
    17 February 2021 in reply to Mudcakes

    Yeah I feel like my shoulders are too broad and my boobs are too tiny for my body too :(

    At least we're in it together. I need to get some confidence, QUICKLY, because otherwise my life is going to be harder than it needs to be!

    Thanks for replying :) I'm here for you.

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  4. romantic_thi3f
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    3106 posts
    18 February 2021 in reply to Buddy Pal Guy

    Hey Buddy Pal Guy,

    Thank you for sharing; it's not at all embarrassing or silly - honestly I wish that I had someone that I could share this too when I first felt the exact same way.

    I'm a tall person too, and (yes the weather is nice up here thank you) while not significantly, it's enough to always be one of the tallest people in my class, and from my experience tall and anxiety don't mix. Almost like with more anxiety I wanted to be shorter and shorter.

    For me, it wasn't until my 20s where I started having major health issues and I kinda started to be like - well, either I can spend my days focused on how I look or spend my days focused on life, because I'd look back and remember just being stuck in my head. Its so so hard. But you're not alone in this.


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