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Forums / Young people / People dislike me and I literally have zero friends..

Topic: People dislike me and I literally have zero friends..

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  1. I am a Failure
    I am a Failure avatar
    1 posts
    19 April 2021

    Hey! I am fairly shy and embarrassed to post this but you know, so anyways.

    I can't really socialise as much anymore because people seem to have zero interest in me, and I get sad lonely and have no self esteem to even try to bother getting friends as people find me awkward or just really odd.

    I feel like I have depression which I won't go much into. But the thing is I don't get why people do though, what have I done wrong to be treated like a ghost or whatever. I have however attempt to find new friends and they ignore me or think I am not "good". I honestly get upset cause I am lonely yet people tell me things get better or go outside, honestly when I am told that I feel like they don't understand me until I go into depth on why and etc. I only have 1 friend but they pretty much ghosting me so I have none, i always am told you do have some.

    The fact that peoples lives are better and most of ours which makes me sad and people judge me because of how I talk and pronounce words when I have difficulty in speaking, typing or understanding it sometimes, I barely have friends to tell this to so I decided to attempt it here and see what advice I get. I really want to know but I will be posting another one probably later sometime next two weeks. Hopefully people would understand and that.

  2. Matchy69
    Valued Contributor
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    7394 posts
    19 April 2021 in reply to I am a Failure

    Hi Guest_5806 and welcome to the forums and making your first post.I can so relate to your post and feel for you and know how how lonely you are.I have struggled myself to make friends.I have Autism and struggle with pronouncing words and do stutter at times.One thing is you don't need to change you sound like really nice person.As you get older you come across genuine people who will except you for who you is hard but maby join something you enjoy.Just remember your an amazing person a people will see that.

    Take care,


  3. Guest_1643
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    4854 posts
    19 April 2021

    hi there

    i totally and 100 percent agree with matchy's post that you don't need to change or start from a point of "what's wrong... what can i do different..."

    i think loving urself is the first step to being loved as corny as it sounds. u sound really great and i'd be interested to be friends with u if i met u in real life.... u sound open and honest

    ppl can be really cold and it makes us think we have some defects...sometimes ppl are just users and will be drawn to those who offer them something they need - either money, social connections, fame, or even drama. But the right ppl will find u and love u.

    A therapist once told me not to think about why things are happening, but to detach and think about what is happening.... which is a less judgemental headspace.

    sometimes i think i'm really horrible and have messed everything up irreparably and i'm in my head thinking why am i like this.... and then i take a second and ask What's actually going on for me right now

    Sometimes I'm in a trauma response, feel triggered, had a hard day, or am just not happy about something that's going on. It helps me take a step away from blaming myself.

    Welcoming you with respect and warmth and here to chat

  4. bookish_girl_234
    bookish_girl_234 avatar
    1 posts
    20 April 2021

    Hey i'm kinda nervous about this and like in all honesty i think turning to the internet is not amazing but i don't know what else to do.......

    OK so basically I think i'm ok at socialising and all that stuff, but people have just kept turning me away and bullying me and being horrible.

    I want to just go stuff them but I can't and like i'm christian so i pray and pray and go to church but part of me still believes them.

    I have PTSD because I've spent years and years in hospitals and then i got a brain injury in an operation and no one believed me, and then my school was rlly bad for my mind etc. Four years later, I'm ok physically. Mentally..... not so much.

    I've never been one to self harm, but recently I started. Not majorly, but it's happened.

    Also, i moved schools last year, and people in my year weren't nice. I made friends with a bunch of seniors, and that was cool. Then, today, one of them came to school and was rlly cold towards me. My only other longstanding friend from last year (from that group of seniors) is doing medicine at uni and is super busy and i haven't seem him in forever, but i can't rlly see him that much cause i'm like 4 years younger.

    i hate school. i want to get out of here as soon as i can. but i can't. i've had a few friendships that have all gone bad. i'm feeling rlly lonely.

    I have anxiety and ocd (pure o) and i've had depressive episodes. This is so yuck i hate it

    I just want friends but people keep thinking i'm weird and maybe i am. i dunno anymore.

    i dunno why i'm even doing this but like if someone sees this and replies it'll be nice.

  5. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
    • Works for beyondblue moderating these forums
    Sophie_M avatar
    6842 posts
    20 April 2021 in reply to bookish_girl_234
    Hi Bookish girl 234, 

    Welcome to the forums and thankyou for being brave enough to seek support and share you experiences. It is an amazing step to take. We are so sorry to hear about how you have been feeling, school and friendships can be incredibly tough to manage sometimes. 

    We think it might be useful for you to chat to someone about how you are feeling and so we have put a few ideas below of where you can get some more support. We hope there is something there that you feel comfortable to try. There are both phonelines and webchat options depending on what you think will be best :)

    Beyond Blue
    1300 22 4636
    Kids Helpline
    1800 55 1800

    Thank you again for being brave and joining this community. Please feel free to update us on how you are going if you want to.

    Kind regards, 
    Sophie M

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