Healthy places

beyondblue is here for everyone in Australia – at work, home, school, university, online, and in communities across the country.

A big part of our focus is on reaching people where they are, and supporting the places where Australians learn, study and work to become more mentally healthy. 

Schools and universities

Resilient young people are better able to cope with life's challenges and knock-backs, and are less likely to experience mental health problems in the future. beyondblue has developed a range of programs for use in early childhoodprimary and secondary schools, and tertiary settings. We provide tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids.


Mentally healthy workplaces work better for everyone, and Heads Up is all about giving individuals and businesses free tools and resources to take action. At any given time, one in five employees are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition. Untreated anxiety and depression cost Australian businesses $10.9 billion every year in lost productivity and compensation claims. Creating a mentally healthy workplace where everyone feels supported has huge benefits for employers – it’s better for your business, your people, and your bottom line.

Aged care

As we age, we’re more likely to experience factors that contribute to anxiety and depression such as physical illness or personal loss. Our sense of independence and the amount of daily support we need is also a factor - someone living in residential aged-care facilities is twice as likely to experience depression as an older person living in their own home. beyondblue’s education program and resources for aged-care staff aim to help those working with older people provide the right support at the right time.