Secondary schools and tertiary

Beyond Blue offers secondary schools and tertiary institutions a range of information and curriculum resources to support student mental health and wellbeing.

In selecting the resources below, education groups should consider whether they are seeking programs and/or strategies to promote 'positive' student mental health or to address specific issues related to youth depression and anxiety (or both).

Resources/materials available include:

  • curriculum resources to develop students' skills and capacities to improve resilience and promote positive mental health
  • information on youth depression and anxiety, and strategies for supporting young people with mental health issues
  • an online program providing Australian tertiary students with strategies and skills for success and wellbeing during their studies.

Be You

Be You promotes mental health and wellbeing in secondary schools (as well as in early learning and primary school settings) and offers educators and learning communities evidence-based online professional learning, complemented by a range of tools and resources to turn learning into action. Be You empowers educators, helping them to develop valuable mental health skills and knowledge, while also providing an effective model for implementing a whole-learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing. 


SenseAbility is a strengths-based resilience program designed for those working with young Australians aged 12–18 years. It consists of a suite of modules developed to enhance and maintain emotional and psychological resilience.

Secondary schools program Years 8–10

This program is designed to help students develop skills that will help them deal with 'life' challenges.

Youth Beyond Blue

Youth Beyond Blue is Beyond Blue's program for people aged 12–25, promoting the key messages of look, listen, talk and seek help.


thedesk is a free online program aimed at providing Australian tertiary students with strategies and skills for success and wellbeing during their studies. 

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