1. SenseAbility Victor Harbor Secondary School Story
    The most important thing my staff, including myself, can instill in any child is a positive self regard.
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  2. SenseAbility Altona P-9 School story
    I think if we are serious about developing our students in our community, we need to think about developing the whole person.
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SenseAbility in action

SenseAbility School Exemplar Videos

The SenseAbility School Exemplar videos showcase Victor Harbour High School in South Australia and Altona P-9 School in Victoria. School leaders and teachers account their experiences of delivering and implementing the SenseAbility program in their schools.

Information featured in the SenseAbility School Exemplar videos include;

  • School contextual background
  • A school perspective on why they decided to utilise the SenseAbility program
  • The benefits the school believes that the SenseAbility program has had with teachers and students
  • A school perspective on the delivery and implementation of the SenseAbility program
  • SenseAbility e-learning to assist staff understanding and preparedness to deliver SenseAbility.

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