So, you’ve just experienced one of the greatest times of your life and now you have to go back to reality?

Post-holiday blues refers to those first few glum days you face once you’ve returned home and while it may not be a serious condition like depression, you can certainly feel flat. After spending weeks or even months saving money and getting excited counting down the days – it happened. And suddenly, just like that, it’s over.

It might not even be a big overseas holiday or a week at the beach – you could be feeling down about the end of the silly season or having just seen your favourite artist perform live in concert. The level of sadness and disappointment is all the same and now you have to face your everyday life, which may not be as good as being on holiday.Back of a crowd at a concertIt can be tough, but many people have been there. Here are some trusty tips to help you get back on track.

  • Don’t force yourself to forget about it – look at all your pictures, videos and diary entries. Relive those treasured moments in your head over and over. If you spent a month planning, then spend a month glorifying it. Give yourself time to process and accept everything that happened and then commit everything to memory
  • Talk about it – let the memories fill you up to help keep that holiday glow alive. Tell anyone who asks, show them your photos, talk details. Note: be careful not to tell anyone more than once or you may find yourself short of friends at the lunch table.
  • Plan your next thing to look forward to – pick yourself up from feeling sorry for yourself about your event being over and plan your next adventure. Just remember that you may have just spent a whole lot of money and you’re in a vulnerable state of mind, so be cautious – don’t make big financial decisions straight away or you may end up far more out of pocket with more stress.
  • Use your memories to inspire and encourage you – recognise the wonderful experience life has given you. It may sound cheesy but every time you feel down, think about or write down how fortunate you are to have seen and done what you have when there are others around you who might not have the same opportunities.
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