1. Narelle
    When I was feeling suicidal, I was pretty good at hiding it. It's important that if you notice a change in somebody's behaviour to ask "Are you feeling okay?"
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  2. Kev
    It's not a comfortable subject to talk about, suicide. Sometimes people won't even mention that word, or they do it at a whisper or quietly. But I think the more we talk about it, the better.
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  3. Leigh
    But basically going and seeing a counsellor can help unload everything that you wanna say in an environment where’s there's really no judging.
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  4. Tiana
    The world's not going to be a better place without you as you're probably believing right now, and I think you need to try and talk to people about it instead of bottling it up
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  5. Emma
    One of things I definitely learnt was to be patient, with myself, and everything else. You can't fix it all now, it's not gonna go away now, but it will eventually start to get better.
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Stories of recovery and hope

Beyond Blue is fortunate to have the support and contribution of community members who have a personal experience of depression, anxiety and suicide, or support someone who does. 

The video interviews above and below feature our blueVoices members, people just like you, that openly share their story of losing a loved one to suicide or their suicide attempt. blueVoices is Beyond Blue's reference group and online community that informs our work and ensures that people's experiences are reflected accurately in everything we do.

We hope these stories provide messages of hope, recovery and resilience to every person in Australia, however some of the footage might be difficult to watch. For some people the stories may trigger emotions in relation to your own experience. Remember there is support and information available. Talk it through with us by contacting the Beyond Blue Support Service.

Shane's story on overcoming suicidal feelings

"I found a psychologist because I really wanted to nut it out. I thought I want this. I need this for a better life for me."

Courtney's experience of her brother's suicide

"I was quite lucky to have a really great group of friends who just listened."

John talks about the suicide of his colleague

"When someone does need your support, you've really got to get in there and do it, even when they resist you. Because they'll do what I do, they'll fight it."


Crisis support

If you are in an emergency, or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000. Other services include:

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