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How to check in on someone

Here are 3 easy steps to help you have the conversation.

1. Ask

There's no magic trick to make them talk. Choose a way to go about it that makes them feel comfortable.

Suggest other people who they might feel comfortable talking to, like another close friend, a family member or a confidential helpline.

2. Listen

If they want to talk, let them. And don't underestimate the the importance of just being there.

Don't try and fix their issue. The most helpful thing you can do is to listen.

3. Support

Sometimes its a matter of just asking what you can do to support them.

Help them explore options like more regular catch-ups, help finding a mental health practitioner or help contacting a support service.

If they are hesitant to seek support, talk through whats stopping them.

Finish on a positive note, and them them for trusting you with this conversation.

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