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Signs and symptoms of depression


It’s a common mental health condition impacts people every day... 

...and it can be managed.  

But what’s the difference between depression and feeling depressed? 

And what does depression feel like? 

Depression affects different people in many different ways.  

It's the absence of emotion or feeling. A numb emptiness where you don’t feel happy, sad or angry.

Sometimes, it’s a shift in your routine... 

...eating less or more than usual... 

...being less motivated and spending more time in bed than usual – yet always feeling tired... 

...drinking or gambling more than usual…

Sometimes, you might lose enjoyment in things that would normally bring you happiness.  

You might feel there is nothing to look forward to. 

And sometimes, you might struggle to concentrate, which can make working or studying hard.

For some people, depression can feel more like irritation or frustration.  

Small issues suddenly feel big.  

Experiencing depression can mean feeling sad, unhappy or low but it might also mean losing confidence. 

In yourself. 

In other people. 

In the world. 

So withdrawing from family and friends and avoiding social situations can be common.

If any of these examples feel familiar or if you just don’t feel OK it’s worth talking to someone.  

Because depression is treatable with the right support.

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