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What is depression?


What is it? And what’s the difference between feeling depressed and experiencing depression? 

For many people, feeling depressed can mean feeling sad, unhappy or low.  

These are natural and normal feelings, even if they arrive without any warning or reason.  

Generally these feelings will go away with time, your mood will lift and you’ll start to feel better. 

However if you: 

…are sad and unmotivated for two weeks or longer... 

… stop enjoying the things that usually make you happy 

…withdraw from friends and family 

...or feel empty or numb 

It might be a sign that you’re experiencing depression. 

So, what exactly causes depression? 

There’s no simple answer – depression affects everyone differently it’s also caused by many different things.  

Often, it can be the result of many unique factors. 

Common ones include: 

...being in ongoing stressful situations 

...undergoing a big life change 

…having a family history of depression 

...experiencing grief or loss 

...going through ongoing physical illness or pain. 

You may even be at greater risk of depression due to your personality traits especially if they include worrying a lot or being overly critical of yourself.  

Depression is more than just feeling depressed from time-to-time...  

But it’s important to know that it is treatable.

And it’s worth reaching out and talking to someone about.  

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